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Male banker taking money from client
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Objectives for a Bank Teller Resume

With more people relying on banking and fewer people using cash in their transactions, bank tellers are becoming an increasing necessity in our lives. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a growth of up to 8% over the next five years for this position. Most bank tellers focus primarily on face to face customer […]

medical assistant looking at a file with a doctor
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Objectives for a Medical Assistant Resume

Medical assistants are needed for both clinical and administrative tasks in hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world. This position requires a postsecondary certificate but can be attained without a full college degree. Medical assistants should be calm under pressure, capable with communications, and skilled in basic medical technology. This position is highly sought after, […]

Two men shaking hands at an interview in a meeting room
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Paralegal Interview Questions and Answers

When you interview for a position as a paralegal, you will need to answer all of the questions confidently and correctly. The following paralegal interview questions and answers are designed to help your potential employer gauge your abilities and knowledge of core competencies that apply to the career, regardless of your area of specialty. What […]

Woman personal trainer working with her client in a gym
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Personal Trainer Interview Questions and Answers

As a personal trainer, you will help people meet their fitness goals as well as help your employer gain a positive reputation within the community. The following personal trainer interview questions and answers will help your potential employer discover whether or not you are the best fit for the position. Why Do You Want to […]

Doctor giving a shot to a patient in doctors office
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Phlebotomist Interview Questions and Answers

A phlebotomist plays a very important role in health care institutions since they collect the blood that is analyzed for various conditions and infections. The following phlebotomist interview questions and answers will help your interviewer determine whether or not you are the right fit for the available position. Why Did You Choose to Become a […]

Male photographer taking a photo in a studio
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Photographer Advancement Possibilities and Employment Outlook

When it comes to the successful career as a photographer, there are a number of aspects of the trade to consider in relation to whether or not it is the best career path for you. One of these integral subjects is what the advancement possibilities are for such a career, and where the field of […]

A male photographer teacher teaching 4 students in a photography studio while holding a laptop
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Photographer Education and Training Requirements

If you are considering becoming a photographer, and think all you need is a love for taking photos and an eye for doing so; you can begin this way-but it will be a very difficult path without adequate education and specialized training. So, what then is required in the means of education and training when […]

A man photographer holding a camera giving directions to two other workers in a photography studio.
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Photographer Working Conditions

The life of a working photographer might seem glamorous to many-taking photos and enjoying the art of this expression-and gaining a salary for it; but the field and function is not all glamour. No career is. This said, you may be wondering if you are considering going into professional photography, what a working day looks […]

Young serious african-american businesswoman talking by phone with papers, sitting at modern office workplace. Business consulting, copy space
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Phrasing Resume Objective Statements – Office Manager Candidates

To become an office manager, a person needs to be very skilled with administration, human resources, and communications. When you apply for a position like this, it is best to evaluate your skills in these areas and then write out your office manager resume objectives. Each objective statement should emphasize your experience in the field, […]

Males physical therapist stretching a patients leg
Q & A
Physical Therapist Interview Questions and Answers

If you are applying for a position as a physical therapist, you should focus on your preferred methods and specific training during your interview. The following physical therapist interview questions and answers will help you prioritize and appear more confident. What Do You Enjoy the Most about Your Career? The Least? With this question, your […]

Woman writing on a paper dressed in lab attire
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Quality Assurance Resume Objectives

Quality assurance specialists work with a wide range of companies that provide services and products to clients and consumers. As their job title suggests, quality assurance employees monitor the quality of goods or services. Employment in this field comes in entry-level to managerial positions, so make sure to indicate your preferred position, relevant experience and […]

Two men walking with laptop in a lab
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Quality Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

Your primary role as a quality engineer is to ensure that everything—materials, processes and employees—works together to create the best products possible. The following quality engineer interview questions and answers will help your potential employer determine whether or not you are the best candidate for the job. What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a […]