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Woman substitute teacher writing a cover letter

Strong Cover Letter to Land a Great Job – Substitute Teacher

Substitute teachers come from many different backgrounds and have huge variances in their level of experience. Because of this, a strong substitute teacher cover letter is absolutely essential. If you have little experience in the field, a good cover letter will help convey your strengths and mask your weaknesses. If you have a lot of […]

Male police officer standing behind a patrol car

Strong Objective Statements to Improve your Police Officer Resume

Any resume needs a strong objective statement, but this is especially true for police officers, since so much needs to be included in such a statement. These sample police officer resume objectives give a feel for the kind of statements you might want to make. An ideal objective sentence should convey a love of law […]

Man and woman system administrators on a laptop

System Administrator Resume Objectives

A system administrator is an IT administration practitioner responsible for the construction, development and maintenance of computer networks and systems. Many types and levels of system administrators are available, but they all work in maintaining computer systems, upgrading servers, securing server data and programming for a company’s day-to-day operations. As such, make sure to identify […]

Picture of guests getting key card in hotel

Top Clerical Resume Objectives

Clerical jobs often refer to office-based positions that provide administrative support to a department or organization. While clerical jobs are available in almost all industries, the main responsibilities like answering phones, performing data entry, keeping schedules, filing, and minor bookkeeping remain the same. Additional tasks may be required depending on specializations, so indicate in your […]

Portrait of beautiful young woman writing on clipboard while listening to obese woman during therapy session on mental issues

Top Guidance Counselor Interview Questions and Answers

Since guidance counselors are responsible for ensuring that children develop socially as well as academically, your interviewer will likely ask a myriad of questions. The following guidance counselor interview questions and answers are designed to gauge your abilities and determine your qualifications. Why Do You Feel You Are Ready to Be a Guidance Counselor? Many […]

Woman underwriter speaking to elderly couple.

Underwriter Interview Questions and Answers

An underwriter is responsible for using research and multiple resources to determine whether or not a consumer qualifies for credit or insurance, depending upon the company. The underwriter interview questions and answers listed here will help your potential employer determine your overall qualifications for the position. How Do You Stay Focused on Your Job? An […]

Smiling nurse shaking hands with a patient.

Well Written Nurse Practitioner Cover Letter To Boost your Career

Nurse practitioners are responsible for the delivery of care in a variety of specialized settings. Despite the education and versatility needed to succeed in this field, the job market is extremely competitive. When you prepare your nurse practitioner cover letter, you will need to make sure you include unique details and skills which others competing […]

Person writing their resume

What is the Difference Between an Application and a Resume?

There are so many different terms and nuances to be aware of when you are applying for different job positions. Whether you are new to the word of professional careers or have had one for 20 or 30 years; keeping on top of the latest lingo from the career industry and job market can be […]

Frustrated male looking at his laptop

What to Do if You Accidentally Sent the Wrong Resume?

At some time or another we’ve all done something embarrassing that we’ve immediately regretted. Usually, it’s easy to get over these small humiliations fairly quickly, but what do you do if a potential career is on the line? If you’ve ever sent the wrong resume to a potential employer, you’ve most likely asked yourself this […]

Man looking at his resume on his desk

Whether or Not to Abbreviate a Degree on Your Resume

Sometimes, it’s easy to agonize over even the smallest detail when drafting your resume, considering that an interview and possible job is on the line. Many people, for instance, wonder whether they should abbreviate their degrees on their resumes, or write out the entire degree name in its entirety. While this is largely a style […]

Teacher at her desk in a classroom examining a document in a clipboard. A man standing next to her also looking at the document.

Write an Assistant Principal Cover Letter that will Pay Off

An assistant principal carries most of the same responsibilities that a school’s principal has, but with more of a focus on the day to day operations of the organization and interactions with the students. This is a prestigious position that can serve as the end goal of a career path or as one last stepping […]

Young Assistant make Appointment on Reception in Dental Clinic

Writing a Strong Cover Letter for a Dental Receptionist Role

The dental receptionist field requires an individual who has strong administrative skills, an understanding of medical terms, and good customer service skills. The abilities to multitask and pay attention to small details are absolutely essential.Dental receptionists require no more than a high school diploma in order to be qualified for the position, but several advanced […]

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