Abilities to Put on a Resume

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Even when we know we possess certain skills or abilities, it can be difficult to put these talents into words. This task can be especially daunting when it comes to writing a resume, since such a document requires clarity, precision, and directness in its language. To get started, consider the following list of abilities that are universally valued by employers. These skills are essential to almost any job, and will help you begin to specify what you have to offer.

Communication Skills
Nearly every job requires employees to practice some form of communication, whether it is with clients, customers, team members, or other coworkers in the office. Thus, when writing your resume, make sure to mention your own highly developed communication skills. You can immediately state this in a sentence of your objective statement, for instance, as follows: “Highly motivated individual with excellent communication skills and extensive sales experience seeks inside sales job at growing tech firm.”

Computer Skills
These days, it is also essential for almost everyone in the work place to possess some basic computer skills, and the more refined and extensive your proficiency with computer programs, the better. You can allude to these abilities in your work experience section, where you describe your previous jobs. For a previous sales job, for instance, you might say that you “regularly used Microsoft Excel to log and organize sales data.” You can also simply list these capabilities in your “skills and abilities” section as follows: “Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point.”

Organizational Skills
It is also important to emphasize your ability to stay organized, since this signals that you will be efficient and on-task. This too can be suggested in the descriptions of previous job descriptions. For instance, you can say that you “managed time efficiently to meet production goals,” or that you “met all deadlines” and “organized and maintained all sales records.” You can also indicate in your objective section or skills section that you possess the “ability to effectively multitask,” since that too is evidence of your organizational capabilities.

Leadership Skills
Even if you are not applying for a managerial position, it is still a good idea to emphasize your leadership skills, since these are valuable assets in any workplace. If you held a previous position where you trained or assisted new hires, make sure to indicate that. If you ever needed to assign tasks or delegate work on a team, you can simply state that you “delegated assignments to team members.” You can also use phrases such as “enforced company policy,” “led staff meetings,” and “oversaw production” to indicate your leadership experience.
It can be difficult to advocate for ourselves and articulate our own abilities, especially since many of us are taught from a young age to be modest. A resume, however, is one place where it is appropriate to err on the side of boastfulness, so long as you have the achievements to back up your claims. By including the aforementioned abilities, you can successfully demonstrate your value to any company.

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