Air Traffic Controller Jobs Information

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An air traffic controller job is one of the most responsible – and rewarding – careers you can choose. It takes a special sort of person to master the skills of directing aircraft safely through our skies, but if you are a cool-headed, quick-thinking, confident decision maker with great powers of concentration this is certainly a job opportunity you should investigate.
The air traffic control system is an interconnected organization responsible for the safety of all planes in flight, commercial and private, and the passengers on board them. Safety is paramount, but air traffic controllers also aim to keep traffic flowing freely and minimise delays. Their duties include directing the movement of aircraft in the sky or at the airport, keeping radio contact with the aircraft, providing pilots with information about weather conditions and making sure that planes do not fly too close to each other.
To be successfully selected to train for an air traffic controller job, you need to be physically fit with colour vision and full hearing. It’s also important to be a clear and effective speaker, able to communicate quickly and intelligibly with pilots who might be in urgent need of the information you have for them. A good memory is another essential quality, as those in air traffic controller jobs constantly receive information that must be rapidly understood and remembered.
If you think you have the qualities needed, the first step is to apply for a place on an air traffic control training programme. Successful candidates are accepted after passing a series of tests designed to measure skills such as information checking, mental arithmetic, spatial visualisation and short-term memory. Your personality will also be tested, alongside your general health and fitness.
With air traffic on the increase, plus the predicted retirement of many air traffic controllers, there will be plenty of openings for people who successfully complete the training course. They can expect to receive salaries that reflect the importance of their work, often rising to more than $100,000 annually.

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