Americas Greenest Jobs

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Considering a job that’s more green than what you are presently doing? Whether it’s to cash in on the President’s latest initiative of creating green jobs in record numbers or simply to feel better about your commitment to the earth through green job practice, you want to get a green job. So, what is a green job and what positions are available. Below, we offer you a review of the newest, most fulfilling green jobs of 2010-for your career pursuits of becoming greener.
Before considering any one of the highlighted careers below that are going green, it is wise to consider that most all industries and professions are taking great strides in becoming more eco-friendly and eco-conscious. This said, if there is an industry that you are interested in having a career in, but don’t think it is as green as you’d like it to be. Do a search for companies in this field, and you may be very surprised at their newest programs and goals-as so many have taken on the role of eco-awareness in their company objectives.

Sales Management
One of the top careers to be getting a green slant is those in sales management. With the massive movement towards making all products and services more eco-friendly than ever before-and the federal incentives for companies to do so-companies selling products have taken on or have created themselves entirely of green product lines. These are sustainable, earth-friendly products from clothing to children’s toys; and everyone wants them. As a sales manager, you would have the responsibility of managing a team of salespeople in green products-training, motivating, and doing market research.
•Training: Typically, a sales manager should have a Bachelors Degree in Marketing or Business at minimum to make a desirable wage.
•Salary: $110,000

HVACR Installation and Repair
As part of the green movement-and with support from the government-many commercial buildings and structures are being revamped according to more green heating, venting, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. This requires a lot of able bodied installation and repair workers.
•Training: Certification in HVACR installation and/or repair, certification in EPA standards
•Salary: $42,000

Along with the need for energy system revamp, businesses are looking to construct greener, more efficient structures for business and personal use. This calls in the need for construction managers to plan, coordinate, and survey. Green construction expertise is needed also for government buildings, facilities, roads, and bridges.
•Training: Bachelors Degree in Construction Management or Civil Engineering with hands on construction experience.
•Salary: $90,000

Environmental Engineer
The role of the environmental engineer is to create solutions for problems that arise out of environmental problems, such as waste disposal, recycling, air pollution, water pollution, and public health concerns. They evaluate the situation and create a solution for it; and help both public and private sector clients resolve or at the very least-build action plans to cut down on the damage.
•Training: Bachelors Degree in Engineering or Environmental Engineering.
•Salary: $80,000

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