Astronomer Job Interview Help

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Whether you have just completed your advanced degree in Physics or Astronomy, or perhaps, have finished coursework and been in the field for quite some time, transitioning from one position or education to another requires a successful interview. This said, how does one make sure they are adequately prepared for not just any interview, but an astronomer interview? Below, we offer the best tips on making the best first impression in your job interview in the field of astronomy.

Brainstorm Highlights
The first thing to remember in avid preparation for interview for an astronomer position is that you should be prepared with the right career highlights. In this way, you will be prepared to not stammer and wonder what to say; but instead, have the correct information of your career achievements on hand. They will ask about your career highlights in some form or another, and so this is why you should have a working concept of about 3-4 career highlights to offer an interviewer.

Be Technical
Though in many career interviews, you may have to speak non-technical because your audience is; in an interview for an astronomer or physics position, you should use all the technical industry speak that you would use with colleagues-since your interviewers typically, are astronomers, or at least work in this field.

Discuss Hands On Skills/Coursework
Another tip for creating a successful impression in an interview for an astronomer position is to ensure you discuss-when solicited-the detailed skills and coursework you have taken part in. As is true of every scientific field, you are what you do-after you have been part of standard college coursework. So, prepare a couple sentences for each instance in which you had coursework in the study of astronomy, and skills and education that you have gained from those experiences.

Consider Job/Industry Value
Another consideration that you should spend thought on if you are coming up for an interview in the astronomy field is what your career and industry value is-overall and specifically-to the job that you are applying for. In almost every job interview-regardless of the industry-the candidate will be asked this question, as the employer wants to know why you are the best person for the position. This said, you need to be prepared with an answer that is calculated and one that incorporates your most valuable skills, achievements, and your goals in relation to the position’s objectives.

Include Career Goals
Lastly, many positions in the astronomy field-as is true of very technical and specialized professions, especially in scientific disciplines-require many years of hard work and dedication; and so employers want to know if you are just looking for a stepping stone position or look to grow with the company. Though you cannot foresee everything that might happen in your career, you can make a calculated guess through an objective statement. This statement should be brainstormed prior to the interview, and should incorporate a long term goal for your love of the field, the industry, and admiration for the company or entity that you are applying for.

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