Biostatistician Salary

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not list career-specific information for biostatistician salary amounts; rather, it classifies the career as a type of statistician. Much of the following information is taken from statisticians working in health, government and manufacturing industries combined.

National Average

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, statisticians as a whole earned about $72,830 per year in 2010. Specific information regarding the national average salary for biostatisticians was not available here, but reports that the national average for this specific profession is $97,000 annually—much higher than the national average for all statisticians combined. The BLS also reports that statisticians working for the federal government are more likely to earn higher salaries; this figure was $94,970 in 2010. Those working for state governments earned the lowest salaries at about $45,370 per year.

Salary by Location
The amount of money a biostatistician can earn varies based upon the location in which he or she works. For example, the highest salaries are reported along the east coast, with individuals in New York City earning about $123,000 per year on average. The lowest salaries were reported by those working in less populated Midwestern cities such as Des Moines, IA; these individuals only earn about $80,000 per year. Along the west coast, biostatisticians in Seattle, WA earn roughly $94,000 annually and individuals in Los Angeles earn $101,000 per year on average. Individuals working in Chicago also earned handsome salaries with an annual average of around $101,000.

Amount of Education and Experience

As a whole, statisticians are usually required to possess at least Master’s degrees in fields like mathematics, statistics or survey methodology. Entry level positions in this field pay about $39,090 per year. Biostatisticians specifically may also obtain entry level positions with these degrees, but a Master’s degree in chemistry, health science or chemistry field is more helpful. With this, individuals can earn starting salaries as biostatisticians of roughly $42,000 per year. Individuals who have several years’ on the job experience or who go on to earn Doctorate degrees in related fields can earn as much as $135,000 per year.

Other Contributing Factors

One of the most important that may contribute to the amount of money a biostatistician earns per year is the field within the industry in which the individual chooses to work. For example, they may choose to work with a pharmaceutical company. Depending on the company’s reputation and the demand for its products and services, this is often the highest-paying career path. Similarly, biostatisticians may work in hospitals and clinics; salaries vary from employer to employer and larger facilities often offer more pay. Finally, these individuals may work in public health settings. Biostatisticians working for the World Health Organization, for instance, can earn up to six figure salaries.

The amount of money a biostatistician can make varies, and those who want to earn the highest salaries possible should consider obtaining a Master’s or Doctorate degree, moving to a large city where the service is in demand, and applying for jobs with well-known pharmaceutical companies and medical facilities.

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