A massage therapist must possess several skills and characteristics in order to be successful in his or her career. Some of these skills are learned in the classroom and during training, but others are innate abilities to which your clients and customers are likely to respond favorably.

Knowledge of Proper Techniques

In order to be successful as a massage therapist, you will need to learn about various types of massage and the situations in which they are useful. For instance, a standard massage is a great relaxation method and helps to reduce stress and relieve tension within the muscles. Conversely, a deep tissue massage is a great technique for athletes and those who are more physically active than usual because it allows the manipulation of muscles that are used during intense workouts. Deep tissue massage is not for everyone, so you should know when certain techniques are useful and when they are best avoided.

Interpersonal Skills
Clients make appointments with massage therapists to get massages, but there is certainly much more to a client’s appointment than that. As a massage therapist, you will need to be able to make your clients feel at ease in situations that they may find compromising. You should be able to answer any questions immediately and accurately, and you should be able to explain the various components of your massage techniques in a way that your clients can understand. As an example, you may need to explain how the manipulation of various muscle groups can be beneficial to your clients’ overall health.

Physical Stamina

If you work a typical eight hours per day, five days a week, you can expect to provide between seven and 12 massages per day. ability to stand on your feet for much of the Of course, this depends on the massage type and the individual client’s preferences. Massages can be quite intense, so you will need plenty of upper body strength as well as the day. Depending on the type of massage you are providing, you may also be required to position yourself on the massage table so that you can best manipulate the various muscle groups involved.

Customer Service Skills

Whether you decide to run your own business, work in a medical clinic or utilize your skills in a massage parlor, you will need to possess strong customer service skills. You will be required to not only provide massages, but also to schedule appointments, handle customer complaints and make the clients feel comfortable all-around. Without a friendly disposition and the ability to anticipate the needs of your clients, you will not be able to establish the client base necessary to develop a successful business for yourself or your employer.

Client Focus

Throughout the day, you will likely be required to work with several clients. Over the course of your employment, you will develop professional relationships with some clients while you may only see others once or twice. Regardless of the length of time you have worked with a client, you should be able to completely tune out any distractions whether they involve stress at home or in the workplace, or even your own personal issues.
A massage therapist is often much more than an individual who provides a relaxing massage to his or her clients; in some cases, you will become a confidant and trusted friend. All of the skills listed above will help you build better relationships with your clients, therefore improving the quality of your business and your overall success.