Getting a state job in California is not always the easiest process and there are a certain amount of hoop you have to jump through. Despite the difficulties involved, it is a great department to work for and the effort is well worth it. If you think you have what it takes to work for the California state department then follow our guide below in order to be able to get a state job in California.

1. Create an online application.

You need to go to and find the online application tab. Create a user name, and then fill out your personal information and previous work experience. Once this has been completed your online profile will have been set up. Make sure to remember your user name and password!

2. Find out about exams.

Again, you can find out about this online. Go to and then have a look through the job titles. You can click on any position that you think you might be interested in and you will get lots of information about the subject and pay etc. You should search out the job description tab which will have minimum qualifications listed. Make sure you have these qualifications before signing up for any of the exams.

3. Apply for the exams.

Print out an application form for each test you are going to take and send it out in the post to the examiners. Make sure this is accompanied by a cover letter which should explain that you qualify for the exam and why you wish to take the exam.

4. Take the exam.

You may well be able to find examples of previous or similar exams online and we would advise you to brush up on your knowledge and have a few practice runs.

5. The next step.

If you pass your exams, you need to visit and look for easy search. You can then search for positions that relate to the exams you have hopefully passed. You will now be able to apply for any of these positions!

6. Apply for the jobs.

You need to complete another application form to the agencies within the state in order to apply. All you need to do is to go back into your online account and print out your application form from there.

7. Hope your exam scores are high enough!

You do need to be in the top three of the exam results for any one job, but don’t fret – anyone higher up than you will likely be selected for the position, and then you will move up on the list until you reach the top three!