Computer technicians can be employed as support for large corporations using computer technology or in their own shopsrepairing home computers and computer elements. There are a variety of possibilities in between, as well. The job outlook for a computer technician is great and the industry is growing about as fast as most other similar careers.

Computer Technicians Industry Outlook

The available number of jobs for computer technicians is expected to grow by 110,000 through the year 2020, which will make the total number of jobs in the US 717,100. Individuals are not required to have a degree in order to become a computer technician or to be successful. However, those who obtain degrees will have more opportunities available to them. Most employers who screen job candidates will look for college degrees as well as experience with computers and computer related elements. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the states with the highest level of employment for computer technicians include California with 58,190, Texas with 48,640 and New York with 34,900 jobs.

How the Industry is Growing

The growth rate for computer technician jobs is predicted to be 18% through the year 2020. This rate is about as fast as average when compared to similar careers. The BLS reports that about 6.50% of computer technicians work in computer systems design and related services while about 4.07% work in professional and commercial equipment or supplies merchant wholesalers. Other popular niches where computer technicians can find jobs include colleges, universities and schools as well as management of companies and enterprises.

Why the Industry is Growing

With nearly everything being built with computers these days, the need for computer technicians will continue to grow. Individuals are becoming accustomed to improved efficiency and functionality with their home computers and more and more businesses are utilizing computer-based tools for virtually every aspect of their business. As these computers malfunction and break, it is up to the computer technician to perform repairs or recommend newer elements and parts. It is a safe bet to say that this industry will be fairly stable well into the future.

Opportunities for Computer Technicians

Computer technicians are not required to complete any level of schooling or gain any type of certification in order to enter the industry. However, those with a higher degree of education are going to have more opportunities and will generally experience a higher level of success. Those who want to enter the field should obtain at least a two-year Associate’s degree or a vocational school certificate. This will give individuals the knowledge they need to serve their potential employers or customers well and be successful. Many employers will look for higher level degrees such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.
Individuals who want to become computer technicians can begin training early by taking as many computer classes as possible throughout high school. Taking computer technician classes at a vocational school or going to college for computer science or computer applications can get individuals started on the right path to becoming a computer technician.