A diesel mechanic is an individual who builds, repairs, overhauls or inspects specific types of buses, trucks and other vehicles with diesel engines; they have specialized training that allows them to analyze diesel engines and repair them accordingly. The job outlook for a diesel mechanic is fairly good, so those interested in the career have a nice amount of opportunities.

How the Future Looks for Diesel Mechanics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that jobs for diesel mechanics will grow by 35,200 through the year 2020, bringing the total number of US jobs to 277,200. The BLS reports that the states with the highest employment for diesel mechanics are Texas with 21,180, California with 18,620, New York with 11,300, Ohio with 10,090, and Pennsylvania with 10,080 jobs. Diesel mechanics who work for companies specializing in deep sea, coastal and Great Lakes transportation will earn the most money in the future, but those who work for scientific research and development companies will earn the least.

Growth in the Industry

Jobs for diesel mechanics are expected to grow by 15% through the year 2020, which is just a bit higher than the national average for all other occupations. Most diesel mechanics will work with general freight trucking, and this represents a group of 3.48%. Others will work in busy mechanic shops, with specialized freight trucking, local government, and for deep sea and coastal transportation companies. Diesel mechanics must be able to analyze and repair engines of various types as well as provide routine maintenance to keep those engines running smoothly.

Why the Industry is Growing

The population increase will affect this job as it will most other jobs. As more people create a demand for more supplies, trucks and other transportation will be needed to deliver those supplies. In addition, a higher population will increase the need for public transportation services. A great deal of public transportation vehicles are diesel engines. Those considering a career in the industry shouldn’t have a difficult time finding a position if they’re experienced and knowledgeable. It can be somewhat difficult to find an apprenticeship, but those who are persistent should be able to find someone willing to train them.

Better Opportunities for Diesel Mechanics

While state law typically does not require diesel mechanics and technicians to be certified, obtaining certification can open up new doors for the individual. Mechanics can receive certification through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that those who have received certification will not only increase credibility for themselves, but will increase their level of pay as well. Certification is typically only a wise decision after having received long-term on the job training.
Focusing on shop classes and engine repair classes early on can help individuals gain the experience and knowledge needed to succeed in a career as a diesel mechanic. Finding the right mentor to learn from can also be incredibly important. With the right tools and in the right location, a career as a diesel mechanic can be lucrative and rewarding.