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Woman wildlife biologist looking at her tablet in the middle of a field

Job Outlook for a Wildlife Biologist

The field of wildlife biology is an exciting career choice, especially for animal lovers who wish to explore a variety of species, diseases, and other potential threats to wildlife. While the growth and expansion of the human population will affect the demand for increased wildlife studies, budget cuts of government agencies can lead to an […]

Male photographer taking a photo in a studio

Photographer Advancement Possibilities and Employment Outlook

When it comes to the successful career as a photographer, there are a number of aspects of the trade to consider in relation to whether or not it is the best career path for you. One of these integral subjects is what the advancement possibilities are for such a career, and where the field of […]

A man photographer holding a camera giving directions to two other workers in a photography studio.

Photographer Working Conditions

The life of a working photographer might seem glamorous to many-taking photos and enjoying the art of this expression-and gaining a salary for it; but the field and function is not all glamour. No career is. This said, you may be wondering if you are considering going into professional photography, what a working day looks […]

Man and woman looking at code on a computer in an office

Software Engineer Working Conditions

If you are considering becoming a software engineer, you may have a good idea of what a software engineer does, the income you could expect, and what experience and training you need; but do you know what the working conditions and environment will be like? Most people-until they’ve actually begun a career-know what that particular […]