Cash Advance Letter Format

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If you are considering sending a letter to your bosses asking for a cash advance then you need to carefully follow our cash advance letter format. A letter like this needs to be written in the right manner so as not to cause offense. You also need to keep things professional in tome and in form. If you think that you are in a strong position in your company then use our cash advance letter format to help write your letter.

Contact Details
Your Name
Job title
Zip Code

Contact Details
Name of contact
Position/Job title
Company name
Zip Code
Dear (insert name here),

Paragraph 1: Take a couple of sentences here to explain your financial problem to your boss, being sure to put him in the picture with your personal situation.

Paragraph 2: In this paragraph you can expand on why you need to have a cash advance, and also state how much you will need. Another sentence or two can be used to explain why you should be granted this wish, and you can cite here previous good work, or examples of you going beyond the call of duty for the company in the past. Make sure that your request is just that – and not a demand for money. The ball is in your boss’s court, and you need to be polite in the extreme.

Paragraph 3: Thank them for their time and apologise for having to ask for a cash advance.
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