Computer Programmer Earnings and Benefits

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When it comes to the potential earnings and benefits of a computer programmer, there can be a wide range between one programmer and another based on various career and situational factors. This said, if you are considering a position as a computer programmer, the potential for earnings is huge and the base salary of an entry level computer programmer is a good start.

Due to the fact that the industry of computers is moving at such a fast pace, and is connected to every industry of work and commerce out there-in both public and private sectors; makes the role of the computer programmer-whether general or specific-highly valued, sought after, and well paid. So, what is the median salary for a computer programmer? Approximately, $70,000 annually, as reported by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics in 2008.

When it comes to the salary of a computer programmer, a person can expect-with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science to get en entry level position with a salary of around $60,000. Without a four year degree or one that is specialized in computer science or information systems managements or the like, the entry level salary would be around $30,000-$40,000 annually. This is said without any specialized training in the field. So, education goes a long way in the career salary life of a computer programmer.

As regards training and experience, this is also a valuable commodity; but perhaps not expected from a recent graduate. This said, someone who has been in the programming industry for many years should have had ample time to expand upon their programming experience, and develop some new skills in various languages and functions. This kind of training amplifies the value of a prospective candidate for a computer programming position, and thereby ups the ante for a starting salary wage.

Another very compelling aspect of why a computer programmer may make more or less than the median salary-as dictated above-has to do with the type of industry or entity that they offer their services in as well as the general or specific function that they fulfill in this industry or entity. Below, we offer a small chart from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics outlining the most common industries and/or positions that computer programmers are employed in, and their median salaries-as of 2008 stats:

Software publishers$81,780
Management of companies and enterprises71,040
Computer systems design and related services70,270
Employment services70,070
Insurance carriers69,790

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