When it comes to creating a cover letter, it is vital that it is constructed not only in the format that is preferred by employers; but also contains the information that they are looking for. Perhaps, you have no idea what is expected as regards the content of a cover letter, or maybe you thought it was just a means of introducing yourself and your resume. The cover letter provides a main function for prospective employers and is a necessary part to the application for a job position. This said, if you don’t know what to include in this document, your entire application package can be ignored altogether.
So, what are the necessary parts of your cover letter in order to get the interview? There are four main parts to the content in a cover letter.
•First, you must make sure that you include the highlights of your career experience and qualifications. Make sure that this information is also synchronized with the actual job posting. So, if a job posting wants an applicant with communication skills and knowledge of all MS software, state this in your cover letter.
•Second, it is vital that you show your experience in a quantifiable manner, and sum it up in your cover letter. A good example of this is that you might have nine years in advertising with five of that being managerial and the other four being as an associate. What industry and job titles can you specify to this end, and how much time can you offer to showcase this experience? Moreover, can you incorporate some sort of achievement in this-such as: maximized revenue by 200% in the first quarter as job title xyz.
•Third, make sure that you have mentioned your short and long term goals in your cover letter; and made them more about the company’s gains than your own self value. So, perhaps your goal is to further your successful career in advertising by learning and building upon all that you know with this particular company’s mission.
•Lastly, tell the hiring manager why you are-without a shadow of a doubt-the best candidate for the position; and why. Sum the reasons up in one compelling selling statement, and this should be one of the last statements of your cover letter, prior to the closing remarks of resume attachments, interview, and thanking them for their time.