An assistant principal carries most of the same responsibilities that a school’s principal has, but with more of a focus on the day to day operations of the organization and interactions with the students. This is a prestigious position that can serve as the end goal of a career path or as one last stepping stone before becoming a school principal. Whatever your ultimate goals are, it is extremely important that you impress the school with a strong assistant principal cover letter.

An assistant principal will be expected to have completed both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in an educational field. He or she will also need to have achieved the necessary licensure to serve as a teacher in the state that they choose to work in. All assistant principals need to have some degree of in-class teaching experience, since they will be dealing with students in a hands-on way. Administrative experience is also important, and participation on school committees helps.

You can find a sample assistant principal cover letter below which gives the basics of how you need to present yourself in order to impress a potential employer. Oftentimes, individuals moving into this position have some history with the school or organization they are applying to. If you are completely unfamiliar with the institution, you should do some extra research that will allow you to get a feel for how this particular organization tends to operate.

Jacob Lovett
1000 High Street
Rochester, NY 14603

June 30, 2014

William Leduc
Hiring Assistant
Rochester Community High School
84 Education Drive

Rochester, NY 14603

Dear Mr. Leduc,

I am writing to indicate my interest in the open assistant principal position at Rochester Community High School. I have a master’s degree in secondary education and years of experience that make me an ideal candidate to fill this demanding and challenging position.

My educational experience includes a bachelor’s degree received at the State University of New York (SUNY), where I graduated summa cum laude. Shortly after attending SUNY for four years, I earned my master’s degree in secondary education. While building toward my master’s degree, I also served as a high school classroom teacher at Plattsburgh Academy. After graduation, I moved into an administrative capacity and helped to improve the overall quality of education in the school, earning recognition as administrator of the year in 2011. I now hope to take my years of experience, strong organizational abilities, and ability to inspire children to Rochester Community High School.

There are many exciting opportunities and challenges that I would like to explore, and I hope to discuss my ideas for improving the already high quality of Rochester Community High School. You can contact me during the day by phone at (585) 441-2281 or during the evening at (585) 310-2424. If you prefer electronic contact, please email me at [email] This represents an immense opportunity for both sides, and I look forward to adding my skills to your staff.


Henry Martin

Enclosed: Resume