The dental receptionist field requires an individual who has strong administrative skills, an understanding of medical terms, and good customer service skills. The abilities to multitask and pay attention to small details are absolutely essential.
Dental receptionists require no more than a high school diploma in order to be qualified for the position, but several advanced certificates and associate degrees related to this field are available and can improve your chance of getting a job.
The sample dental receptionist cover letter below highlights the candidate’s strong attention to detail and familiarity with the office environment. If you have little experience in dental offices specifically, you can highlight your body of work in other offices or in customer service fields. Dental receptionists serve as the primary point of contact with an office, making their communication skills of paramount importance.
The details on this dental receptionist cover letter can be changed to match your own experiences as needed. This letter should give you a good feel for the general format and terminology you should consider.

James Ponzo
112 Cole Road
Renton, WA 98055
May 25, 2014
Dr. Christopher Mona
Renton Dental Associates
89 Whiteridge Road
Renton, WA 98056
Dear Mr. Mona,
I am writing to express my interest in the available dental receptionist position at Renton Dental Associates. This position represents a very exciting opportunity that will allow me to continue building upon the administrative and reception skills that I have accumulated over the past seven years.
My family comes from this area and I attended school at Renton High School. My post-graduation life led me out of the state for a time, where I received an associate’s degree in office administration with the University of Colorado. My receptionist skills come from many different fields, including two years as a dental receptionist with Greene & Brannon Dental Associates in the Denver area. Life has brought me back to Renton, and I am excited for the opportunity to continue my work as a dental receptionist, hopefully with your office.
My experience in the office environment has also helped me to build up strong written and oral communication skills, as several of the positions I took required me to interact directly with customers and clients. My technological skills are very strong, and I have a good handle on several different software suites, including the Microsoft Office suite and Mac OS X products. You will find that I am highly motivated and eager for the opportunity to help your office run smoothly. While at Greene & Brannon, I prided myself on preparation and attention to detail, and I will bring this high level of service to your office.
You will find a copy of my resume enclosed, and I am able to provide references upon request. You can contact me via phone day and night at (425) 851-9555 or via email at [email] I hope that you find my skills and experience to be intriguing enough that we can discuss this exciting opportunity face to face.
James Ponzo
Enclosed: Resume