If you are working on constructing a cover letter for the first time, or simply aren’t getting the positive results that you had hoped; there are a number of aspects that could be wrong in your format and/or content. One of these common areas of mistake is that of the cover letter closing. While most people consider any generic closing will do to wrap up their cover letter, there is only one way to do so that is graceful and effective at getting you the interview for a job you are applying to. Here are the best tips on how to close your cover letter that you may not have thought of.


The last sentence or couple of sentences should be your selling statement. It is your last chance in the cover letter to compel the hiring manager to read on to your resume and consider you for an interview. This said, you need to include your goals, the most winning skills, and most importantly-why they should hire you for the job.


Make sure to end your cover letter with a “Sincerely” followed by your full name, and the signature of your name. This is the standard professional closing of most all letters in business, and it is the manner in which you should close all letters-including your cover letter.

3.Request and Thank:

On the tail end of your selling point, you should request the opportunity of an interview and also thank them for their time.


Lastly, it is important to include in either the beginning sentences of a cover letter or the last sentence that you have an enclosure or an attachment-which refers to your resume. Though it is understood that an application for employment would necessarily include this, it is also necessary to point this out in a cover letter closing.