Nurse practitioners are responsible for the delivery of care in a variety of specialized settings. Despite the education and versatility needed to succeed in this field, the job market is extremely competitive. When you prepare your nurse practitioner cover letter, you will need to make sure you include unique details and skills which others competing for a given job do not possess. Without a well-written cover letter, you risk fading into obscurity in the eyes of an employer.

Nurse practitioners will be expected to have completed a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and many employers also seek to recruit candidates who have completed all or part of a master’s degree. Additionally, a candidate in this field will need to seek licensure as outlined by state and federal law. This may involve choosing a practice specialty such as pediatric nursing, women’s health, or acute care.

A good cover letter for a nurse practitioner job includes a summary of education, professional experience, and general motivation. The sample nurse practitioner cover letter presented below, for example, outlines why the individual applying for a job has developed an interest in nursing. By providing this piece of personal insight, you are humanizing yourself to your potential employer and giving a more personal touch to the job application process.

Allen Jaidar
86 Mead Drive
Sheridan, AR 72150

June 30, 2014

Sarah Wood
Human Resources Manager
Sheridan Community Hospital
8 Hospital Drive

Sheridan AR 72150

Dear Ms. Wood,

I am writing to state my interest in the open nurse practitioner position at Sheridan Community Hospital. After examining the community around your hospital and the general practices of the organization, I have come to believe that I represent a person whose individual mission aligns closely with the hospital’s. By hiring me, you will find not only a person who has a long history of service and experience, but one who will also do everything possible to advance the organization’s mission.

My college experience comes from the University of Arkansas, where I completed a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Shortly after college, I began volunteering at local hospitals and community centers. In 2010, I became a nurse practitioner with the St. Claire Children’s Hospital. During this time I began working part-time on a master’s degree in nursing, which I expect to be completed within the next year. Each organization that I served a role in taught me something new in terms of practice information and gave me additional insight into improving the patient experience. I believe that your hospital will represent a completion in my journey, allowing me to use all the knowledge I have acquired.

My resume is enclosed, and I will happily provide references upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. You can reach me via email at [email] or via phone at (870) 985-4414. Thank you very much for taking the time to review my resume, and I very much look forward to the chance to explore this exciting opportunity with you further.


Allen Jaidar

Enclosed: Resume