Customer Service Representative Interview Questions and Answers

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Although most of your time as a customer service representative is spent on the phone, your past experiences and the way you deal with people will say a lot about your ability to perform the job you want. The following customer service representative interviewer questions and answers will help you impress your potential employer.

How Do You Handle Irate Customers?
Handling an irate customer is difficult whether you are doing so in person or on the telephone. As a customer service representative, you are the person who will be required to resolve issues on the customer’s behalf. This means that you will likely speak with several angry or even irate customers every day. “I will listen clearly and carefully, reassure the customer that I can handle the issue at hand, and then use all of my knowledge and resources to find the best and fastest solution to the problem. I will relay the solution to the customer in a pleasant tone and follow up with that customer to ensure that the resolution was implemented as planned” is a very impressive answer.

Do You Understand Computers?
In most cases, working as a customer service representative will also mean opening customer accounts or placing orders on a computer. Most companies for which you will work have their own proprietary software, so you will receive on-the-job training for this. However, you should be familiar with the basics of computers so that you can successfully manipulate the various programs, enter data, notate the customer’s account with the actions taken on the call and much more. “I have worked with computers for many years and I am very familiar with them. I can assure you that I will learn any software quickly and effectively” is a solid answer for this question.

What Methods Would You Use to Escalate a Call?
Call escalation is common in call centers, especially when a customer has contacted the company multiple times and still has an unresolved issue. Your interviewer will want to know what you would do when a customer asks to speak to your supervisor. The best answer for such a question would be “Although I would follow the company’s policies regarding call escalation, I would first attempt to obtain as much information as I can from the customer and deescalate the issue on my own. If I cannot provide the resolution the customer wants, or if the customer refuses, I would follow the company’s chain of command for escalated calls.”

Do You Understand the Goals You Must Meet?
There is much more to customer service than simply answering telephone calls, and your interviewer will want to ensure that you understand all of the goals you must meet along the way. Some of these include your average call handling time, your issue resolution rates, your transfer rates and the number of calls you escalate. “I will work hard to exceed the goals presented to me by the company. I always give 110% in everything I do, and I am not afraid to ask for advice if I feel that I am struggling with any goal” would be a great answer.
A customer service representative is essentially the voice of a company, so it is important to portray nothing but courtesy and professionalism during an interview. Your ability to smile your way through difficult interview questions will prove that you can charm your customers, as well.

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