Computer and IT Manager Jobs – Degrees and Experience Needed

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If you are interested in becoming a computer and information systems technology manager, then you’ll want to start fine-tuning your education as early as high school. This is one of the highest paid careers in the nation, and along with it comes plenty of required knowledge and responsibility.

High School Classes

Becoming a computer and information systems technology manager starts with taking courses in high school that will help candidates better prepare themselves for postsecondary degrees. Some of the best courses available include basic computer skills, keyboarding, computer programming. Business courses can also be helpful here, and these include things such as mathematics, business principals, and management.

Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, employers require all of their computer and information systems technology managers to have at least Bachelor’s degrees in a computer- or information science-related field. The courses that are focused upon in these programs include mathematics, software development and computer programming and take about four years to complete. Most MIS (Management Information Systems) programs also include some business classes so that candidates learn how to properly manage a team.

Master’s Degree Requirements

Because it is expected that many new niches will develop in the computer and information systems technology sector over the next several years, employers may require a Master of Information Systems degree. This degree takes an additional two to three years to complete, but it offers candidates the opportunity to be much more valuable to potential employers. In fact, with so much competition in the workforce, some companies require a Master’s degree for those who are interested in management positions since management related courses are included in the curriculum.

Work Experience

Rarely can anyone simply earn a degree and get a job as a computer and information systems technology manager without experience. According to the BLS, employers are requiring their candidates to have several years of experience (generally five years or more) in an IT-related field. This number varies based upon the size of the company, too. Companies that are smaller typically do not require their employees to have the same amount of experience as the larger, more recognized organizations. Finally, it is important for applicants to gain work experience that is related directly to the industry in which he or she intends to manage.

Advancement Opportunities

People who work in this position generally start out in low-level management positions and work their way up through the department as they gain expertise. Someone who has earned the information systems technology manager title can go on to become what is known as a CTO, or Chief Technology Officer, which is typically a very high rank within the company. Later, they can move up to Chief Information Officer, which is considered an executive position because all information-related decisions for the company are ultimately made by this individual.

Computer and information systems technology manager jobs require plenty of education and experience, but they are nonetheless incredibly secure and expected to grow rapidly over the next 10 years. Job security, peace of mind and the opportunity to advance are what drive many people to consider this excellent career choice.

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