Entry Level Jobs With Great Advancement

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Choosing a career can be a difficult prospect as there are so many different things to consider-such as salary, education, training, and well-ones interest. This said, everyone must start with an entry level job-straight out college-and the income and responsibilities are not usually so exciting as what you had imagined for your dream career. Why? Because it is entry level; but there are actually some positions today that have a much more positive outlook as regards advancement opportunity than others. What do we mean? That you get a better position, more responsibility, and a better paycheck sooner than later.

Data Communications Analyst
If you have always considered getting into something technical like computers, but not sure if you want to take on all the higher education and training required for a computer scientist or software engineer; you have a very good choice in that of a data communications analyst. This entry level job-as well as many other entry level IT jobs of its kind-offer a means of making up for education that you may not have received with field experience. By starting as a data communications analyst or network administrator, you can pick and choose what your specialty in IT might be, and can become a senior IT professional quickly-as demand is high for specialized IT professionals. Average salary of a data communications analyst: $60,000.

Financial analyst
Though you might think that any job in this arena is doomed due to the recession of late; it isn’t. People need financial counseling and help now, more than ever. This said, you can easily begin a successful financial services career with an entry level financial analyst position. In this role, finance analysts learn all they can about the financial investment world and how it relates to individual clients-whether they are banks, businesses, or securities companies. All you need is a degree in Finance, Business, or Statistics; and you could be making the average salary of $60,000 very soon.

Environmental Engineer
Any one of these green careers has success written all over it. What with the initiatives put into play by the Federal government, public and private sector entities everywhere are looking to build and promote green. If you have a degree in engineering, you can easily begin your career making a great salary. Typically, you begin as an apprentice to an environmental engineer and then move on very quickly to independent contracting and enrolling your own staff. Average salary of an environment engineer: $70,000.

Public Relations
Looking to move up quick? The public relations field might be your career. With the move to online marketing and the like, people need public relations professionals in both digital and print media. As an entry level public relations assistant, the hours and work will be intense; but very soon, this pays off, and your ability to become supervisor is expected very soon after. Average salary of a PR professional: $45,000.

Marketing Research Analyst
Have a marketing degree, and not sure how to apply it for sooner than later career success? A job as an entry level marketing research analyst might be the best choice. Every market needs an idea of what their customers are buying, looking for, or running blind from; and this knowledge is priceless. As a market analyst, you find out this very information through long hours of research and analysis. What else you could easily be in a senior position within a short amount of time. Average salary of a marketing research analyst: $68,000

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