How Do I Copy And Paste A Resume?

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There are a number of times in your time as a job applicant that you will be asked to copy and paste a resume for a job position. This said, do you know how to do it? Here are the instructions you need to be able to copy and paste correctly, so that you get one step closer to the position you are interested in.
There will be many times when you will be asked to copy and paste your cover letter and/or resume into a job application online; especially, where more and more is being done primarily online for the sake of convenience-to include job applications. Here are the steps you need to do it correctly:
1.Open the document-typically, the cover letter and/or resume.
2.Save your cover letter or resume in the standard text prior to copying so that the original format is preserved in your word document.
3.Select all of the text in the document to be copied by either opening the edit menu and choosing select all; or by holding down the ctrl and “a” buttons simultaneously.
4.Copy the selected text into your word processing program, by either going to your edit tab and selecting the “copy” button, or holding down the ctrl and ‘c” buttons simultaneously.
5.Go to the text box on the online application form that reads for cover letter or resume respectively.
6.Make sure your cursor is within the correct box, and paste the copied material by either selecting paste from your edit tab; or holding down the ctrl and “v” buttons simultaneously.
7.Repeat for any other required copy and paste items in the online application.
8.Review online application for any other subsequent questions or calls for information, and make sure these are filled in.
9.Submit your resume and/or cover letter.

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