How Do I Name My Resume?

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There are a number of ways that applicants can name their resume-and a couple different purposes this naming process serves. You can name your resume according to the type of resume it is and/or the type of format it serves. You can also name it to better identify it for yourself for easy referencing when you need it for applications, and/or for the purpose of the employer. Below, we discuss all things important to the naming of resume process.

There are basically two purposes that naming your resume serves: it serves you for proper identification, and serves the employer for proper identification. For you, if you are like most job applicants, you have a lot of information that your reference on your computer, and thus, you must be able to organize files in a way that makes it easy to find later. Moreover, you might have various types of resumes-based on career and formatting-that makes one resume more appropriate for one job rather than another. In either of these cases, you should be careful to both save your resume in the proper place that you will remember, as well as with the correct name-such as 2010 resume for easy reference. For employers, they want to see your resume saved as both something that is uncomplicated from their reference point; as well as, professional-so, again, 2010 resume would work fine.

Resumes that you may have saved on your computer may serve different positions and employers, and naming them in a way that is keeping with the purposes outlined above; but also, easy for you to distinguish is necessary to successful application of positions.

For one, employers ask for resumes to be sent in in a variety of formats, based on their own preferences of receiving and reviewing qualifications. They could prefer that you send your resume as a pdf, in word format, in the body of an email, or in another format; and you should have a saved copy of your resume in all of these formats available on your computer. How you name them is necessary to finding the right one for a prospective position, though, so the more specific to format that you can be the better. So, if you have your resume in word format, save it as “word resume” or something to that effect. This way, both you and the employer know what the file is.

Secondly, perhaps, you have career qualifications that meet the expectations of 2-3 different types of positions in your field. This would require a slightly different resume presentation and content for each. This said, you should save each resume for that particular career title-making sure to make it as general as possible; so that employers do not think that you are applying to a host of different companies and for various positions-as this shows to them, a possible less than motivated perspective for their specific employment. A good example of what you could name and save your resume as for an Advertising position; would be “Ad resume”.

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