How Many Jobs On A Resume?

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When it comes to creating a resume that truly gets your experience across and makes you a great choice for a job candidate, it is necessary that you know how to structure your career employment experience. This said, one of the most common questions that many applicants have is: how many jobs should I include on a resume? Here’s the amount and here’s common information regarding this choice.
The standard industry response for someone wondering how many jobs to include in a resume is 10-15 years of jobs. So, this means, if you have worked in a variety of positions over the past ten years; you need to list all of them. Why? Perhaps, if you are someone who has a lot of short term terms of employment, you would rather not list this and make it obvious for an employer scanning your resume. Unfortunately, no matter what you will most likely have to show some sort of chronology of your work history.
There are ways to make this kind of presentation look better; however, and this is through the use of a different resume format, and a cover letter that gives a good explanation for the gaps or inconsistencies in your resume career history. So, it is a good idea to use a functional format that focuses more on your skills and achievements gleaned through your career, instead of a standard one that focuses on a chronology of your career employment. This takes less attention off the fact that you have an inconsistent employment past, and puts more on the fact that you have a lot of valuable and transferable skill sets to offer a potential employer.
Now, what would an applicant do if they feel they would like to show more years of experience than the average 10-15? Though you might have a long and successful career to show an employer, all they want to see is what you have done lately; and do not want the hassle of having to read through pages and pages of employment. If given the opportunity for an interview, this is where you can expand upon your past employment history, and add this information to enhance your candidacy. On your resume, show only 10-15 years of experience, and dress it up accordingly to make it look as consistent and on one track towards career success as possible.

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