How Should I Title My Resume?

Posted in Career Blog

There are a number of ways that a person seeking to present a resume in a professional fashion, might title their resume. The best way to do this? As simply, generally, and professionally as possible. Name it “resume”, “2010 resume” or something to this effect.

You may want to title it in a more specific manner for your own uses, but you must always be wary of everything that you are sending in your application for a job-because it will likely be scrutinized. So, titles like, “Joe’s advertising resume” or “entry level resume” can easily take credit away from your application for a specific position. Why? Both look sloppy, unprofessional, and specific-so in it being specific, it looks like you might be applying to more than one field for your career, and seeing which one takes. This makes you as a candidate look fickle, and not motivated towards the position you are seeking with this particular application.

This said, how are you to differentiate between resumes for your own organizational purposes? There might be times when you do, in fact, need to choose between two different careers or slightly different roles in your field, and need two different resumes for these positions. How do you title these? Again, it is better that you title them generally, and double check which one it is before sending; than you title them for your own distinction, which discredits your direction for your career.

Moreover, you may be wondering if it is ok to differentiate in title based on the format of your resume. This is fine-as employers understand that every employer requires a different format for sending and accepting your resume. So, make sure to create the likely asked for formats of your resume, such as word, PDF, and html; and title them accordingly. So, you can title your resume something like “word resume” or “PDF resume”, and this will not affect your candidacy for the position you are seeking employment for.

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