How To Become An ABA Specialist?

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An applied behavior analyst expert is a person that specializes in behavioral disorders. Autism is one such group of disorders that requires the services of an ABA specialist. While presently there are no real ‘guidelines’ on who can oversee ABA services this is a profession that has much to offer and is in great demand. If you want to become an ABA specialist here is how you can:

1. Choose You College Subjects Wisely

You should concentrate on your college education to include some of the following subjects, which will come handy when you are studying for your Masters Degree in Behavioral Sciences:


b).Principles of behavior

c).Special education

d).Any human service discipline that emphasizes on behavior analysis

e).Do a lot of reading on Experimental analysis on behavior; Behavioral assessment methods; Methods of direct observation of behavior; applied behavior analysis; legal and ethical issues.

2. Get Some Experience

There is no real governing body that defines the qualification of an ABA specialist so if you are really interested to get into the profession you should begin with learning on-the-job. Many schools and private institutions are always on the lookout for people with an inclination to help children. Sign up as an assistant with one of thee institutions and work with some children with Autism.

3. Sign Up With An Online Institution.

You can acquire a certificate or a diploma as an ABA specialist by signing up with an online open university or any college that offers such as course. There are many colleges in the US which offer these cources. The complete training will cost between 200 to 600 USD and may take from 12 months to 24 to complete.

4. Sign Up With A Group Or Institution Looking For ABA Apprentices

There are many organizations, some non-profit and some professional, that offer ABA services to parents with children suffering from Autism. Sign up with one of them as a volunteer just to gain some knowledge and experience in the field.

5. Get Working On Your Masters Degree

Almost every university offers a Degree in Applied Behavioral Analysis. This is a 2 year course and will add credibility to your expertise, which you have to develop through practice, not books. Parents need to be convinced that you are qualified enough before they hand over the responsibility of their child to you and a Masters Degree will add a lot more confidence to your application.

6. Study Further

Once you have some experience under your hat as an ABA specialist you should go the final step and acquire a Doctorate in Applies Behavioral Analysis. This will be the greatest feather in your hat consolidating your position as an ABA specialist.

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