How To Become An ABRSM Examiner?

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For those of you in the music industry it may be needless to say that the ABRSM is the leading authority when it comes to musical assessment with offices in 90 countries. They not only assess the talents and abilities of students but also the professional developments of musical teachers and instructors. Therefore, if one was to become and ABRSM examiner it would mean that that individual has excelled in the field of music – or a particular instrument or instruments.

These are some ways can work up to becoming an ABRSM examiner:

1. First And Foremost

At the outset the ABRSM panel will look for a broad base of talent, a lot of experience, a considerable amount of teaching experience in most cases and an innate character and wisdom about the situation, which makes a candidate really suitable for the job as an ABRSM examiner.

2. Be Empathic Towards All Ages

The panel looks for people who can interact emphatically with musicians of all ages. They should be high level performers no matter what their personal musical instrument is.

3. Visit Their Website

Go to the ABRSM website and interact with the teachers and administrative staff through their forums. Download the syllabus and practice the tests before applying to the panel as an ABRSM examiner.

4. Apply To The ABRSM

The ABRSM has a panel of over 700 Examiners and they continuously require more. One can write to the ABRSM board at their postal address:

24 Portland Place



United Kingdom

And ask them for a form. They will send it to you promptly. The questions and the details required of the applicant will help the candidate determine if he or she really wants to send the form in. Once you send the form in and you are called for an interview.

5. Undergo The ABRSM Interview

Once you apply and get past the interview conducted by a panel of the ABRSM you will have to undergo and pass the ABRSM examiner training. The Panel will try to access what you can give to the system rather than what you can get out of it. They will try to access how much you genuinely want to be a part of the system and how hard you have tried. This is apart from your individual skills as a musician combined by all your experience.

Remember they look for talent. It does not matter how you acquired your talent but what you have acquired. Paper work, though important, does not weigh heavily during the selection process. Knowledge and experience is what they look for.

6. Undergo The ABRSM Examiner Training

The ABRSM Examiner training is very tough and a lot of applicants do not get through the final examination. Applicants are called in on a weekend where they have to act as the examiner. The short listed candidates are presented before the board and if they get through that interview they are started on their individual training, which is with different trainers everyday. This takes another 4 days and then they see the Head of training where a decision is reached.

7. Probation

The final stage is the period of probation. After a year of thorough examining the candidate is sent a letter of engagement. This is ‘self-employed’ position not a contract.

The process of becoming an ABRSM examiner is a long one. To know more one could download the podcast from the site ( and listen to an extensive explanation of the process of becoming an ABRSM Examiner.

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