How To Become An Academic Dean?

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The position of an Academic Dean in a college or a university is second from the top. The Academic dean advises and assists the president of the institution in his or her duties in that he takes care of fund raising, preparing the curriculum, communicating with the staff and steps in the absence of the President in his or her absence among many other duties.

Keeping in mind the high profile the post of an Academic Dean enjoys it is not difficult to determine that the qualifications required for the position are equally demanding as is the networking for the post more important for success. If you want to get to become an Academic Dean read on:

1. Start With Education

While there is no fixed curriculum to follow in preparing for a career as an Academic Dean one must get a good understanding of the job description. Since the job requires a lot of administrative duties, financial planning and human resource handling you should study related studies beginning from college.

2. Complete University

Go to University to acquire a Master’s Degree or Doctorate. Remember that you are going to be the second from the top in an institution that awards academicians with degrees such as yours. So, you should at least have one of the highest qualifications any academician could possibly have. Again choose subjects relating to management, finance, and general administration.

3. Network For The Job

It may not be a good idea to jump from one institution to another in your quest to reach the top. There is a certain level of seniority you can achieve through this method but there is finally someplace your ascent will stop. Here is where networking is going to prove to be your most powerful tool. Network at parties, meetings, conferences all the time meeting and discussing the need for qualified Academic Deans and the shortage of good ones.

This will subtly place you in the minds of the heads of institutions and they will recall you to mind when they need an academic dean.

4. Write About Your Job

Write as much as you possibly can about the requirements of present day institutions. Highlight the problems being faced by them and offer solutions. Get these writings published in newspapers, magazines and on the internet. Use your networking skills to get the papers published. Attend lectures and give lectures on institutional management. Before long, word will get out about your abilities and people will begin to notice you.

5. Put Your Resume On Record

Place your resume on record and let one and all know that you are in line for the job. This will achieve two things. One, your present employer will feel he is going to lose a good worker if there is an opening in another institution and two, other institutional heads will know you are available.

You need to show that you are the person for the job because you are not only qualified academically but practically as well.

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