How To Become An Academic Librarian?

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An academic librarian is an individual who has the inclination and the ability to keep up with the times and technology. The role of an Academic Librarian involves working with students, scholars and experts from a variety of fields. An Academic Librarian has a love for learning, books and other information media. This is how you can become an Academic Librarian:

1. Decide Early

If you are really interested in becoming an Academic Librarian you will be spending a lot of your time in your school library. It will help if you offer your services in cleaning the library and settling the books – generally helping the librarian with a few chores after school.

2. Learn About The Job

Do a lot of reading about the life of a librarian. Talk to your school or college librarian and ask them how they like their work and what are the improvements that should be made. Also ask them how they became Academic Librarians.

3. Get Your Bachelors Degree

It all comes down to your academic performance. You should acquire your Bachelor’s degree with relevant subjects pertaining to literature and publication. If you choose subjects such as computers, science and technology you may land a good job in a specialized library in a research organization or a company. These days many positions for librarians are advertised asking for people with specialization in secondary fields apart from library science.

4. Opt For Language Courses In College

Having proficiency in a second language will go a long way in helping you get a good job as an Academic Librarian. Knowledge of a second language will open up many avenues for you in the field of library science. Cataloging is one area where a second language helps a lot in.

5. Plan In Advance

When you are in college and you have decided that it is an Academic Librarian you want to become you should choose your subjects wisely and make a Masters Degree In Library Science your ultimate goal. Make a list of accredited universities that offer a Masters Degree in Library Science and contact them for admission procedures and qualification criterion.

6. Apply For Jobs

Once you have your Master’s Degree in Library Science you should waste no time in sending out your applications to various educational institutions. GO through the job postings on the internet and in the local publications. Visit the heads of the institutions in your area, post your resume online, and do a lot of networking.

7. Network

This is the day and age of networking. This activity should include you attending conferences on books, publications and library science in general. Do some article writing and send them in, through your network, to publications so people will read about you and your talents in the field. This will crate awareness about yourself and when an opening arises the heads of institutions, who have met you through your networking attempts or have read your writings, will contact you for the post of an academic librarian.

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