How To Become An Acoustician?

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Learning to play the acoustic guitar can be an amazing journey. It is best to begin when your fingers are long enough to come around the neck of the guitar, which could be when you are 12 or 13 years old. However, if you are older it will not take you very long to become an acoustician – what an acoustic guitarist is called.

If you want to become an acoustician here is what you should do:

1. Master The Cords

Search the book stores for a book on chords. Concentrate on mastering the chords before you try your hand at anything else. Be oblivious to anything else until you can play every chord without looking at your fingers. Chords are like words that are put together to make sentences. With chords you will be able to play any song that comes to your mind.

A lot of acousticians do not realize that each ‘E’ Chord is made differently. So, master each variation of this chord and practice how and when to use them.

2. Strumming Patterns

The next step is to master a few strumming patterns while learning to become an acoustician. Most guitarists do not have a clue as to what is the best pick for their acoustic. They end up choosing the wrong pick for their guitar because in most cases it is just the opposite to what is required to play a lead guitar. So, ask around and get the right tool for your instrument.

•Feet Tapping:

You will need to practice a bit with your feet tapping while strumming because this is the best way to develop and keep to timing while playing.

•Up Strokes And Down Strokes

Practice strumming with up strokes and down strokes alike. Do not concentrate on one pattern this will hinder your progress in becoming an acoustician.


Practice ‘Rake Chords’ and ‘Harmonic rake chords’ this will really add quality to your playing.

Once you have your chords in place and can strum them without looking at the fret board of your guitar with both, up strokes and down strokes, you are ready to move on to the next level.

3. Picking Patterns

You will need to practice a few picking patterns once you have mastered some chords. Picking on a guitar is one of the most important technique any acoustician must master.

4. Get Some Video Tutorials

To learn and practice it is important to be able to watch and learn. The best way to learn and practice at the same time is to download some videos on guitar tutorials. There are many free downloads available and easy to download. With a book and a video combined with the quest to learn anyone will be able to become an acoustician within a matter of weeks, provided some dedicated practice has been put into learning how to become an acoustician.

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