How To Become An Acquirer?

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In the corporate world, where mergers and acquisitions are daily business discussions, one thing stands out firmly; that ill-planned acquisitions can be as damaging to a business, its employees and investors, as much as a well-planned fraud can be. This is why it is important to get experienced professionals, called ‘Acquirers,’ to plan out an acquisition to avoid any, or most of the damage, that an acquisition would lead to if rushed into blindly and in a hurry.
An acquirer is a trained professional in the field of mergers and acquisitions and here is how one can go about becoming one:

1. Plan Early
One must plan a career in Mergers and Acquisitions early in ones academic life. Some basic knowledge of commerce and finance is important if one is to pursue a career as an acquirer. This knowledge should be built up at the high-school level or latest at the college level.

2. Get Your Bachelor’s Degree
Acquisitions are a critical transaction for any company. This is the reason they will only higher professionals with the highest qualifications available. Many colleges and universities offer Undergraduate courses in Mergers and Acquisitions. After choosing commerce, economics or finance at your college level your next goal should be obtaining your Bachelor’s Degree in Mergers and Acquisitions.

3. Move Up To A Masters Degree
After your graduation you should study further to get your MBA and major in mergers and acquisitions. This whole process should not take more than five years after you graduate from college.

4. Study Online
If you are already working you could sign up for an online merger and acquisition course. There are many online courses that are run both as professional coaching businesses and non-profit educational organizations. If you fulfill their basic requirements you can obtain an online degree within a matter of two years.

5. Apply For Job Openings
One you have your paperwork in place you should post your resume to as many places as you possibly can. Do not ignore the potential of the internet when applying for jobs. Search out all the major job sites and send them your resume. Make personal visits to companies and try to meet with the managers looking after business development. Speak to them and hand over a copy of your resume personally.

6. Advertise
Start to make your presence known. You can do this by networking and writing about your views in the field of mergers and acquisitions. Study the past mergers and acquisitions of giants in the industry and rack your brain for ways that it could have been streamlined. Post your comments to blogs and publications then send top managers a copy or a link to the publication. This will offer them an insight into your level of expertise and you may begin to get calls or offers from them.

7. Never Stop Studying
Studies should never cease after acquiring your Masters degree. Keep on researching acquisitions and mergers all over the world. Read as much as you can and this will increase your knowledge about your career. Before long your expertise will become known far and wide and you will have made in-roads in the field of mergers and acquisitions.

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