How To Become An Adoption Social Worker?

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To become an adoption social worker, getting the required minimum school education, followed by a B.A. degree, then M.A. and a license can mean a financially and emotionally rewarding career for you in Adoption Social Welfare, which is a specialized field of service as opposed to general social work.

1. Learn about the Job Profile

In most states, a B.A. degree is accepted as a minimum qualification for working in the child welfare field. The job typically involves working closely with child protective services, including conducting, supervising and following up on investigations in the field, administrative and management tasks related to the intake of children covered under a foster care system, overseeing to their case on an ongoing basis in addition to family preservation delivery. Besides the above responsibilities, as an Adoption Social Worker you may be expected to provide knowledge-based services and work on collaborative projects with other service sectors within the agency or associated with it, as determined by the management from time to time.

2. Consider Your Current Skills

A Master’s degree in Social Work, Marriage or Family Counseling or Psychology (or similar related fields) is your ticket to getting a job as an Adoption Social Worker. However, in many parts of the US, good grades through high school, with a few years of volunteer work, for example as a social aide, combined with a B.A. degree in Social Work is sufficient to become an Adoption Social Worker with a good public or private child welfare or adoption agency.

3. Consider Your Natural Aptitude

Being a good communicator, adept at office administrative tasks, skilled with time and multi-tasking, ability to emotionally distance yourself from people’s problems even as you counsel them, are some basic skills for an Adoption Social Worker’s job.

4. Choose Your Area of Specialization And Acquire The Necessary Skills

If you want to move beyond the entry level position as an Adoption Social Worker, establish good work habits, take time out to acquire additional skills and training for a higher executive position and learn a second language from an accredited language school. Get a Master’s Degree in Social Work; join an accredited M.S.W. program, which establishes you as a qualified candidate for higher positions, such as case management, since you will have received 900 hours of supervised field experience.

5. Learn About Minimum Eligibility Criteria for Your Preferred Location

In many US states, the minimum eligibility for an Adoption Social Worker’s job is a Master’s Degree in Social Work or Public Agency. After acquiring this degree, learn about the licensing exam you need to take for your state of residence and work under someone with a licensed M.S.W. for minimum two years so you are eligible to taken the licensing exam. A license is necessary to be eligible for reimbursement from insurance companies for your services.

6. Apply For A Job With Public or Private Adoption Agencies/Welfare

Choose from a public child welfare organization, domestic infant placement agency working privately or one working on an international child placement program, if not a larger private agency that is qualified to handle all three of these main areas of adoption social work, depending on the type of work you are most interested in. New hires in public welfare agencies are typically placed in child welfare and then moved into adoption social work once they’ve gained necessary experience and training for the tasks this will involve.

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