How To Become An Aerobics Instructor?

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If you are keen on becoming an Aerobics Instructor, you can look forward to an extremely rewarding career choice.

To achieve your dream in a practical and efficient way, follow the steps given below:

1. Evaluate Job Profile, Scope and Your Personal Traits to Determine Suitability

Study the requirements of the job, its potential for growth and related skills so you can examine your current skill set and aptitude; acquire relevant skills for turning pro.

2. Get experience in Aerobics and Related Activities, Improve Fitness Levels

Join a group of aerobic enthusiasts to gain experience in different styles and levels of aerobic exercise, meet new people and network with like-minded individuals to benefit from a great workout that also gives you knowledge of basic aerobic exercise guidelines, safety factors etc. Invest in good quality aerobic fitness equipment such as fast music, towels, shoes, exercise mats or aerobic stepper etc. to increase current fitness levels to that of an advanced aerobics student.

3. Join a Reputed Gym, Health Club or similar Facility for Learning Additional Aerobic Forms of Exercise

Check out aerobics classes held in your neighborhood and read books on exercise physiology, human anatomy, kinesiology besides motivational techniques so you gain specialized knowledge for excelling in your future job. Knowing these basic factors contributing to a successful aerobics instructor’s job profile will help you be mentally prepared before pursuing the suggested certification.

Sign up for supervised aerobic classes at an approved training institute where you can receive individual attention and guidance from a certified instructor in various forms of aerobic activities, like kickboxing, water aerobics, low to high impact aerobic exercises besides sports conditioning techniques.

4. Get Certified Training as an Aerobics Instructor from an Approved Institute

It is advisable to seek certification based training from nationally recognized fitness promotion schools, like ACE (American Council of Exercise), AFAA (the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and the ACSM, which is the American College of Sports Medicine. Such an institute will give you a well-deserved certificate that will add to your credentials as an Aerobics Instructor!

5. Acquire Basic Medical, First Aid training For Managing Accidents or Emergencies at Work

You need to be competent in handling emergency situations such as a student or class member getting injured or falling sick during your training sessions. This is because falls, ligament tears, muscle pulls and high BP or cardiac complications etc. can be common problems arising in an exercise class. So, it is advisable that you enroll for a training class in CPR and first aid skills (if your certification doesn’t cover this already).

6. Organize a Friendly Test Class

It is always easier to break into a professional mould once you have gained some confidence in your aerobic teaching skills, so organize a test class for friends and family; encourage feedback on your style and keep these in mind to improve your lesson plan and techniques. Then, apply to gyms, corporate health clubs, recreational clubs and hospitals.

7. Check out Vacancies at the Local Gym, Fitness School, Hotels and Spa Facilities

Apply for jobs at the reputed gyms, hotels, spa facilities and fitness schools in your city (or state, if you are willing to relocate and the opportunity is rewarding). If you opt for continuing education and taking master classes for instructors, you stand a better chance of going into business for yourself, launching fitness videos or owning your own online aerobics coaching website opportunity, depending on your talent and inclination.

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