How To Become An African Safari Guide?

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By choosing a career as an African Safari Guide, you can look forward to meeting loads of interesting tourists from different parts of the globe and sustaining your spirit of adventure every single day on the job, besides earning a living doing what you love!
People keen on becoming an African Safari Guide are recommended to read through this article filled with tips and suggestions for achieving their dream career, equipped with the right information, education and skills, as outlined below:

Step 1: Research the geography and culture of Africa
To become an African Safari guide, you need to know all there is to know about the land, its culture, its varied flora and fauna besides native customs so you can explain about the geography as well as the inhabitants to curious visitors.
If you are located in a different part of the world, you will need to relocate to Africa and prior knowledge about the land will help you gain admission for safari guide training courses in various centers across Africa.

Step 2: Acquire knowledge of various tourism sector opportunities in wildlife, adventure and eco holidays, study safari guide courses etc.
Read and research various aspects of African wildlife features, including animal kingdom, animal behavior, visitor safety, first aid and accident prevention so you are familiar with the issues an African Safari Guide is required to learn in a formal study course. Prior research also helps you have an edge over other students in the certified African Safari Guide course; after completing this course, you will need to sit for the exam and clear it.
Your certification is a step forward in the direction of becoming a qualified African Safari Guide as it will equip you with knowledge about African wildlife, eco system, the climate of various regions besides lots of other important aspects that are aimed at developing your skills as a specialized travel guide.
Depending on the college or accredited institute you choose, your course may last 2 weeks to a year.

Step 3: Apply for the job of a Tour Leader/Safari Guide
Many of the professional African Safari Guides today started out in their career as tour leaders with reputed adventure companies. Send job applications after enquiring with the local tourism board or the departments associated with Wildlife Tourism at various national parks across Africa that advertise opportunities or keep your resume on record.
Some companies choose select groups, such as family tours or student holidays to limited hot spots for African safaris such as jungle camps, night safaris, jeep adventures while others may specialize in difficult treks wilder parts of African terrain; still others may focus on honeymoon or luxury tour arrangements across African wildlife sanctuaries. Conduct web research on the nature of top travel companies to narrow down your list of possible employers among leading tour operators matching your area of interest.

Step 4: Get a First Aid/Emergency Helper Certification For Increasing Job Scope
Possessing a first aid certificate or emergency medical aid worker certification will enhance the scope of a African Safari Guide’s job at the company of your choice since you will have first hand knowledge of administering CPR, trauma assistance skills, ability to deal with different types of injuries etc. all of which can happen during a tour.
Contact your local Red Cross services (US residents) or a St. John Ambulance (if in the UK) for information about certification courses.

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