How To Become An Agent For Athletes?

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In order to make it as an agent for athletes, here are a few tips to keep in mind when seeking a long innings as one:

Step 1: Study the job profile to determine your suitability for the role
As a professional sports agent, you need to understand the job responsibilities thoroughly. Thus, researching the job profile of the reputed agents for athletes is a good way to judge your aptitude, the necessary skills and experience needed to succeed in this field.
You need to legally represent either a talented but unknown athlete, or represent an experienced sports person; you will need to secure media and publicity attention for them, help them bag good contracts, negotiate their pay and perks, besides offer positive career advice to them.

Step 2: Get a degree in sports management, PR or related medium
As a sports agent, you will have a variety of roles to play when representing your client, including mentoring and motivating them, being their PR guy and accountant too!
However, there are many rewards, for the pro agents, including flexi time business, networking and socializing opportunities at glamorous events and venues, meeting celebrities and enjoying media attention along with the client or clients roster that can grow one’s own income potential enormously etc.
Getting a degree in sports management, PR (client relations), Communications or psychology from an accredited college, will help you understand many aspects of the job and thus, enable you to deliver best results as a sports agent.

Step 3: Acquire in-depth knowledge of your job and get certified
You need to pass certain exams (paid) to register as a sports agent in your chosen state, after which you will be able to obtain the necessary certification in the chosen sport. You need to maintain this certification for the duration of your representation period with your client.

Step 4: Get in depth knowledge of the job and build your inter personal skills
You need to acquire in-depth knowledge of the specific sport you are certified by your state to represent an athlete in, so update yourself with the sport’s latest rules and regulations.
Develop a high level of PR contracts and inter personal skills to always stay on top of new clubs looking to represent talented players so you can skillfully negotiate contracts and secure best advertising campaigns and endorsement fees for your clients.

Step 5: Work with a sports talent-spotting agency for tips on successful networking
As a pro agent for athletes, you will need to build industry relations and maintain these for performing your duties as a legal sports representative effectively. So, secure a job with a reputable talent agency that represents athletes, connect with other agents to locate firms that do so in your location, visit online portals like All Sports Agents Directory to register yourself in the area and stay motivated about launching out on your own.
With an agency you will learn all the tricks of the trade and best practices for client fee and publicity management.

Step 6: Begin with one client, build relations and results, before moving to others
Start your own pro athlete management company once you have the necessary resources – list of potential clients, office space, legal license and confidence to take your career as an agent forward.
Work with one client, forge a good relationship and show measurable results to other clients to add more pro names on your sports agent portfolio.

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