Every business has its share of hits and misses, which can be turned around to translate into more hits than misses as far as targeted marketing is concerned. This is where advertising – rather, the advertiser – can make a difference in helping a business acquire relevant customer visits that convert into sales through the use of effective, proven and measurable advertising techniques and tools.
In order to become an advertiser in today’s fast paced and fiercely competitive business world, it is important to have the right knowledge, skills and educational qualifications to stand out in the crowd of new and varied services and products that all seem to be vying for your customer base!
If you are fueled by the passion to present a product or service as positively as possible so it communicates with the potential customer- visually, vocally, via the written word or a combination of these methods – then check out the steps for becoming an advertiser below:

1. Determine Your Ability for an Advertiser’s Job

Personal aptitude for an advertiser’s job is essential to securing it in the future apart from having the necessary qualifications for the same. This means being an original thinker, good at conceptualizing and actualization of ideas, clarity of vision and insight into the customer’s needs, creative thinking skills combined with knowledge of marketing strategies to improve sales and enhance business visibility.

2. Qualifications and Skills for an Advertiser’s Job

A minimum Bachelor’s degree in Arts, e.g. Public Relations, Design, etc. with specialized course in advertising, creative or fine arts or sales or, a B.Sc. in Advertising Marketing is the minimum for starting off as an advertiser. Follow this up with a master’s program in communication arts, or market research, concept creations, creation and management of marketing campaigns based on prior research and use of different mediums for promoting services and products to improve your job scope in bigger and better agencies or branch out on your own after gaining sufficient experience as an Advertiser. You should know the various means and reach of advertising using different channels, such as television, radio, print ads, billboards, besides the Internet and possess the ability to discern which one (or a combination) of these will best suit your product/service.

3. Acquire additional skills for becoming an Advertiser from an accredited college or university

Pick a course that will teach you how businesses operate, ways of effective communication with customers, leadership strategies for specialized advertising projects and sign up for any interactive study sessions for related niches, such as arts and media programs to increase the scope of your Advertiser’s degree. Learn to give effective presentations, create memorable copy, and use advanced computer software etc. depending on your preferred area of service in an advertising company.

4. Apply for an Internship at an Advertising Agency to gain an earn-and-learn opportunity

The best place to put your newly acquired degree’s knowledge to test is by interning at a reputed advertising agency where you can learn the ropes on the job and pay your way through the exciting, vibrant and glossy world of advertising dreams while you gain in-depth information about dealing with a wide range of consumers. Consumers are the keystones of any good advertising program and here is where you will learn how to put a finger on their pulse, so pay close attention and observe the successful executives whose job you covert to become the advertiser every agency will fight over!