An Aerobatic instructor is a Stunt Pilot with several years of specialized training, experience in developing and practicing ‘sky dance’ routines and the ability to impart those skills to other licensed pilots.

Step 1: Determine personal and professional skill levels required
Learn about flying, earn a private pilot’s license and develop the necessary skills for performing dare devil flying acts that only the top pilots can perform. These require a very high level of discipline and demanding physical routine to deliver, with no mistakes.

Step 2: Acquire a PPL from an approved flight school and develop additional skills
Get a private pilot’s license from an approved flight school where you will be trained directly by a certified flight instructor. Attend many air shows during your initial pilot’s training so you can discuss the best ways to ensure perfect execution of stunts delivered with technical precision at high speeds with your instructor, once you’ve logged necessary flight hours and cleared the medical examination, written tests and flight proficiency exams.

Step 3: Aim at Logging More Flight Hours for Improving Performing Ability

To be an Aerobatics Instructor yourself, log in as many hours of flying as possible because you will benefit from flying under varying weather conditions as well as develop the inner resources to deliver stunning performances even when negotiating physically demanding routines.

Step 4: Schedule an Aerobatic Flight for determining your current skill level and improving yourself
Learn about different stunt routines that you can creatively adapt with technical precision to perform at dizzying speeds; develop the knowledge of how your airplane will behave under different and sometimes, challenging weather conditions. Learn how to fly an airplane safely under varying physical conditions for which you need to schedule aerobatic flights regularly in order to determine your ability to one day become an aerobatics instructor yourself.

Step 5: Enroll in a Nationally Recognized Aerobatics School or International Flight Club
You can begin training with an International Flight club or request help from them in locating a Nationally recognized Aerobatics School. Enroll in this for professional aerobatics demonstration flight, accompanied by an instructor. It is during this flight with an instructor that you will learn about your abilities for aerobatics and whether more training is required, besides learning about your body’s reactions during a stunt flying opportunity. The instructor will evaluate your performance; accept this in the right spirit so you can chart out your next course of study.

Step 6: Let the Instructor Guide you on Maneuvers Required
Work closely with your aerobatics instructor. Understand how to develop necessary skills, maneuvers and aptitude to successfully demonstrate stunt-flying acts routinely at a pace you determine can help you fly safely always. You will need to either purchase your own custom created aerobatics plane or pay your way through specialized aerobatics training using a rental plane for ensuring you log in several hours of flight time on specially constructed planes that can withstand severe structural stress an ordinary plane intended for straight-line flight would not be able to handle.

Step 7: Enter Contests and Gain Competitive Experience in Acrobatic Flying
The US holds over 50 contests for Aerobatic Clubs the year round with 5 competitive categories that help stunt pilots determine their level of competency while gaining valuable experience in competitive flying. Join these often to improve your skill sets and gain competitive experience so in a few years you can move on to becoming an Aerobatic Instructor associated with a renowned flying/aerobatic training school.