How To Complete A Resume?

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How do you complete a resume? There are a number of steps in the creation of a professional resume, but what are the final steps that take an outline of important career qualification information to a final sendable draft? Below, we offer the last steps to take in making your resume complete, and in the proper condition for viewing by a potential employer.

The first thing to check when reviewing your outline for your resume is the length of the document. In most cases, employers only want to see a 1-2 page document; and nothing more. So, while you may think that the more space you fill up with the experience, the better; it is actually way worse to do this, than make it concise. So, to start completing your resume so that it is in presentable form, you need to shorten it up to this length. Review all sections for only the most significant details-in achievements and responsibilities-and cut out all that is filler. Make sure to keep all employment position responsibilities to less than five or six bullet points, and include only the most impressive of responsibilities and achievements for each. It is more important that you may have helped with a new project that won the company increased profit, than it is that you helped typeset some documents. Use your best judgment.

Action Words
Do all of your bulleted points use action words to describe the achievement or responsibility? If not, you are doing your resume a great disservice. Even if you begin each bullet point with a verb, it doesn’t mean that it is a powerful one, and to get attention for a position you are interested in; you need powerful action words. So, perhaps, you used “responsible for” to introduce a responsibility, a better way to approach this responsibility would be to use “demonstrated” or “managed” or “achieved”. Moreover, in relation to the action verbs you are using, you should also use a resulting product, to really drive home the fact that you are actively involved in your work, and you get results with this hard work. So, if you choose “achieved” for a responsibility, say what you achieved in a measureable way, such as you “achieved significant results in the way of increasing profit margin by 10%” or something to this effect.

Review Job Posting
Another key aspect of completing a resume for success that many applicants overlook is that you should re-review the job posting details. This way, you can see what was listed as the required skills, education, and experience; and make sure that you have highlighted these strengths in your own resume and cover letter. Employers will likely be looking for these requirements straight off the bat, and so you need to give them what they want, to make their job of reviewing the resume more convenient. So, include all applicable skills and responsibilities and experience that they ask for, and what might be missing-include what you do have to offer in lieu of this-such as “an aptitude for learning” and “motivation”; or something to this effect.

The last step in completing one’s resume for success in getting an interview, is that you must always always proofread your resume for grammatical mistakes and possibly weak sentence structure. Read it aloud and to yourself, and then have another person do the same; to ensure that you have not missed any typos or misuse of words or anything that could make an employer discredit your candidacy based on this small error-because they will.

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