How To Create A Cover Sheet For A Resume?

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A cover sheet serves a number of purposes for your application for employment. It tells employers who you are and what position you are interested in; as well as giving them a quick review of your career qualifications. Moreover, if you have any extra information to share such as why you had a gap in your employment, or why you are seeking a position in this industry and/or with their company; it allows you the place to do so. Lastly, it allows employers to know why you might be the best candidate for the position; summed up in one short, convenient to review document. Below, we give you the best tips on creating a cover sheet for your resume that gets positive attention:

Customize the Cover Sheet
The first thing that any applicant that wants to create a cover sheet that gets them an interview should know is that you cannot send the same cover sheet for every job that you apply to, changing only the job title and other fine points. Instead, you must create a new cover sheet for every position, outlining all the most pertinent skills, experience, attributes, and details of education that the job posting highlighted or gave preference to. This way, the employer will know that you are specifically motivated in their position, and thus, be more likely to read through your resume and give you an interview to find out more.

Use the Right Format
Though many people believe that a cover sheet or cover letter is just a letter, it is actually its own professional document; with a very specific format to follow. If you are yet aware of how the information should be laid out, start with a template for a cover letter, and also review the following brief outline on what information should go where:
Your Full Name
Mailing Address
Phone Number
Email Address
Employer Name
Employer Company
Mailing Address
Phone Number
Dear Sir/Madam (Use of Contact Name is Preferable),

Paragraph 1 Introduce your name, and what position you are applying for, and that you have included the documents that they have requested.

Paragraph 2/3 Use paragraphs 2 and 3 to discuss your years of experience, highlighted achievements, skills and attributes, education and anything else that stands out in your career qualifications that makes you the best candidate for the position.

Concluding Paragraph Thank them for their time, give them a number to contact you at, and conclude that you are looking forward to speaking with them further-or something to this effect.
Your Full Name

Use Action-Results Statements When discussing your achievements and career qualifications briefly in your cover letter, make sure to quantify your achievements in action to result statements-such as “I single handedly pioneered a team of 10 to reach a company profit goal of 20%” or whatever the applicable statement might be. These kinds of statements are much more powerful than stating that you were just responsible for something.

Why You? Though many people use paragraphs 2 and 3 correctly to show an employer the skills, education, and experience that they bring to the table of hiring; few sum it up after discussing these qualifications in a simple one sentence, this is why you should hire me sentence. It is not enough to include your outstanding career qualifications, but you must also point to exactly why you are the best candidate for the position. This is key to really making an employer want to read more about you, and call for an interview.

Call to Action Another great way to use the power of the cover letter to really get the ball rolling in your direction, is to not only ask that an employer contact you if they are interested in discussing your skills and experience further; but also, to tell them that you will contact them within a certain amount of time, or perhaps, ask them for a specific time in the next two weeks you might stop by. This is a way you can directly take action, and make it easy for the employer to schedule something or be available, when you call upon them.

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