How to get a housekeeping job?

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Some people might presume that it is easy to get a job in housekeeping, but perhaps not surprisingly in this economic climate competition is more fierce than ever and you really have to try quite hard to get a housekeeping job.

1. Where can you find a job? Try to think of all the places that might consider employing a house keeper. Any large business building is likely to employ one if not more, so you can consider schools, hotels, university accommodation, hospitals, retirement homes, public houses and office blocks.

2. Prepare properly. Try to remember that although housekeeping does not always require any experience, it is a very valued and important job, and you must approach it in this respect. Make sure you have an up to date resume which focuses on housekeeping, and try to emphasise anything in your past jobs which have perhaps involved housekeeping duties.

3. Start contacting companies. This is the laborious part of your job search, but it is also the one time when you can give yourself a good chance of getting a housekeeping job. Since you should already have undertaken a great deal of research into the sort of businesses in your area that might take on housekeepers, you now need to contact them! By this I mean every single one of them. They should all get a phone call enquiring whether there are any housekeeping jobs available at present, and even if the response is to the negative you should still ask if it is acceptable for you to send in your resume for them to keep on file in case their circumstances change. You will make a lot of phone calls and you will have to print and send a large number of resumes, but it will be worth it in order to increase your chances of landing a job.

4. Dress to impress. Despite the fact that you are attempting to gain a position where you will be wearing overalls of some sort or another, you should still make sure you dress smartly in the event of an interviewer. Any prospective employer will look at your appearance, and decide if you will look after the rooms of their accommodation as well as you look after yourself!
Make sure you find all the possible opportunities in your area, and best of luck finding a job that suits you!

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