How To Get Your Employer To Pay For College?

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There is a wealth of reasons to consider getting a better degree than the one you might have-even if you are already employed. The fact of the matter is, is that more schooling offers your career worth more value to both you and your employer. This is why many employers consider and do pay for their employees’ advanced education. If you are a recent grad or perhaps in college and want to advance your career, but want your employer to pay for it; here are the ways to go about making this happen.

1.Inquire the first step is simply to ask your employer or HR department if they offer any kind of programs, such as paying for education, courses, or tuition reimbursement programs. It can never hurt to ask. Even if the employer does not offer it and does not want to, it makes you as an employee look all the more valuable as you are taking measurable steps towards making yourself more valuable to the company.

2.Tuition Reimbursement many companies offer what is called tuition reimbursement, which is simply a reimbursing of the costs you paid for a course or advanced degree. Some companies pay part of the tuition, while still others will pay your full tuition. Moreover, some companies offer reimbursement in increments based upon your GPA in the study.

3.Consider the Contract most tuition reimbursement programs have some sort of contract that you must agree to-stating that you will stay with the company long enough for them to get this career value acquired through the schooling out of you. If there is an emergency in your family or otherwise, what will be the consequences of leaving early? Are all courses covered through the program or only ones related to your field? These are questions to always direct to your employer or HR department prior to signing.

4.Apply Make sure that you have a case as to why you deserve to be enrolled for a program of this sort, so that you can aptly address your employer with it. Be able to submit documents that analyze the costs of your education vs. how much value they will get out of you in productivity, overall efficiency, and knowledge.

5.Schedule Lastly, know that before approaching your employer or signing up for a tuition reimbursement program; that having school as a part of your life, might very well put a huge crunch on your time and personal obligations. Consider whether it fits in your schedule right now, or perhaps waiting another couple years might be a better choice.

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