Strong Security Guard Resume Objective Statement Examples

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Developing a good list of security guard resume objectives can help you improve your job application significantly. You should develop several such objective statements and then tailor the one that you like the best to the company that you are applying for. A strong statement of this source makes it more likely that you will land a job with an employer that is looking for somebody with your skills, experience, and personality.
Successful security guard candidates will generally be physically fit and capable of working long hours. Night shifts aren’t a problem for most people in this position, and unusual hours or split shifts will be expected. Beyond the physical abilities needed for this position, you will need to have a strong devotion to upholding law and order, good intuitive skills, and the ability to notice minute details that others would normally miss. You also need to have a clean criminal record, be able to pass a drug test, and remember the rules and regulations of the organization which hired you.
If you are looking for a starting point, these sample security guard resume objectives emphasize such valuable qualities as company loyalty, dedication to the job, and physical fitness. Starting your resume with any of the statements below can be extremely helpful when trying to land a full-time job.

Security Guard Objectives:
•To earn a full-time position as a security guard in the Brickyard Atrium Mall that will allow me to remain active, prevent crime, and make the mall a safer community to for customers and employees alike.
•Seeking a security guard position with Landon Securities that gives me the opportunity to protect those in need, use my law enforcement background, and challenge me with unusual situations.
•To gain a position with Johnson Laboratories that will allow me to improve security, increase the level of safety and trust within the company, and use my knowledge of protocols to provide the highest degree of security possible.
•To secure a position as a security guard with Cooke Industries that will allow me to learn more about the field of law enforcement while also using my physical assets, willingness to work long hours, and eagerness to help maintain a safe working environment for all employees.
•Seeking to make an impact as a security guard at the Aerodyne Corporation which will give me the opportunity to use my physical skills and personal integrity to create a safe and secure environment for employees at all levels within the business.
•To use my knowledge of investigation procedures, patrolling, and incident follow-up protocol to gain a position that will allow me to aid Applegate Industries as a full-time security guard.
•To draw upon my many years of experience as a security guard to earn a full-time permanent position with Holyoke Hospital where my skills in risk management, safety deployment, and potential criminal identifications can be put to the very best use.

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