How to Write a Letter of Intent?

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Dear ‘Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Miss’ followed by the recipient’s last name. Try your best to find out the name of the recipient if you aren’t certain; if all else fails, use Dear Sir or Madam.

5. Begin your letter with a summary sentence. In any business letter, the first sentence should briefly summarize the purpose and subject of your letter. Tell the recipient why you are writing, and include the names of any other parties affected.

6. Write the main body of your letter of intent. The body of your letter should include any specific goals of a project or agreement; it should get straight to the point. Briefly mention any problems, guidelines or other details that may be discussed in future contracts or paperwork. Never be vague in your letter; if the purpose of your letter is to outline a project to be completed, include an estimate of when it may be completed. Write in a professional, polite tone.

7. Clarify that your letter is not legally binding.

8. Close your letter. Using the words ‘Sincerely’, ‘Yours Truly’ or ‘Best Regards’ is proper in a letter of intent. Skip down about 4 spaces before typing out your first and last name, followed by your title if applicable. Sign your name by hand in the space above the typed version.

9. Proofread your work. It is always essential to look over your work thoroughly in order to find spelling or grammar errors. You want your letter of intent to look crisp, clear and professional, without mistakes.

Always be specific in your letter of intent; avoid being vague or unclear, and do not stray away from the subject.

Now that you know how to write a letter of intent, the task will be easier and seem far less intimidating.


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