How To Write A Resume In USA?

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Recently moved to the USA or perhaps, moved years ago, but never had the need to create a resume for a USA job. Though you may think there are a lot of differences between your native country’s style of writing a resume and the USA’s, there really isn’t. This said, there are a number of things that you should focus on, as someone who is not native to the language and country, to create a resume with the utmost success.

Spelling and Grammar The first thing that you should be concerned with when writing your first resume for a USA job is correct spelling and grammar. Often, when an employer sees a resume that has misspellings or incorrect use of grammar, they think one of three things: that you are lazy, that you are not educated, or that you are foreign-and thus, not well enough schooled in the English language. One or many of these reasons is an automatic passing on your resume. This is why you have to make sure that you use spellcheck, have someone well versed in English review your resume, and give it a number of reviews yourself. Remember that you resume is the first impression a potential employer gets of you, and you must approach it correctly to get the interview and job.

Awkward Phrasing Another common mistake of those who write USA resumes for the first time, is that they use awkward phrasing-which is directly related to spelling and grammar; but not necessarily grammatically incorrect. Instead, it is not being in touch with how vernacular is used in the USA. In order to present yourself as someone who knows the English language well and is accustomed to using it often, you should always double check your resume with someone who does know the USA vernacular well.

Writing Style Next, it is important that you know how to write fairly well in creating a resume that gets positive attention from a potential employer. Not even those who are born with the English language know how to write effectively with the right use of words and the right flow. This can take practice and also advice from those who do write well. Though you may not think that writing well in a resume is necessary, as the position for which you are applying does not use writing as a main necessity; it is vital in trying to persuade a potential employer that you should be given an interview. Again, do some research on resume writing for effect and/or consult someone who has written a number of resumes to ensure that your resume is persuasive and has a good writing style.

Include Foreign Strengths Though you may think that the very point of approaching a USA resume is to eliminate all foreign aspects of who you are to be an interesting applicant; it is very often that a potential employer will highly value someone who has a specialized knowledge or language fluency that is not akin to USA culture.

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