How To Write A Resume While Still In College?

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You’re in college, but you need to start writing a resume-either for a professional internship, or because you’re almost graduated. How do you do it? Here are the tips you need on crafting the most effective and successful resume for your career while still in college:

1.Focus on your skills The first place to start when creating a resume while in college is to focus on your skills. So, what skills are they looking for? Communications skills, analytical skills, a willingness to learn, multi-tasking skills, leadership and team playing skills, and organizational skills. Make sure to list all of these, and also point to examples in your college career and possible part time jobs in which you demonstrated these.

2.Focus on your education You’re still in school, but your education is the primary value that you bring any position; so make sure to not only point out that you are in school and pursuing a certain degree; but also, what courses you are taking that might be related to the position, clubs that you are involved in that offer value to the position, and any other information or achievements in relation to your education that could add value to your candidacy for the position.

3.Include objective Though not all professionals are in agreement about the use of an objective on a resume, for someone with limited your goals are for a future career. You education may be related, but is often very general in relation to how you will use it. So, include an objective that states in one sentence what kind of position you are looking for, and what value you can bring this position or career.

4.Include experience Though you don’t have professional experience in the actual position that you are applying for, you may very well have experience in the industry. Perhaps, you were a part time office clerk at a marketing company, or helped canvas for a nonprofit effort, etc. Any of these could offer marketing experience that should be showcased on your resume.

5.Include Extracurricular Activities Make sure that you brainstorm all extracurricular activities that you are or have been involved in to add to your resume. These could be working on the college paper, part of the poetry club, tennis team, or being fluent in another language. Though seemingly unrelated, all or any of these involvements have value in that they show your desire to participate, work as a team, and learn more-and did so, on a voluntary basis.

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