How to Write a Resume?

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The topic of resume writing can be very intimidating to many of us-whether we are fresh out of college or have been in the career world all our lives. This said, when an open job position comes up or we find ourselves wanting to apply to work at a certain company; we must write a resume, and it must follow all the rules of proper and professional resume presentation. So, how do you even start? Instead of letting the intimidation and fear of it get the better of you, read up on the easy to use protocol below, to better address how to write a resume.

Brainstorm Skills
Your first step in writing a resume is the brainstorming aspect. Start by considering where you are in your career, and what skills and experience you have to offer. Jot down everything you can think of-both general and specific-and evaluate it all as regards what your career goals may be.

Brainstorm Career Goals
Next, it is vital that you know what you want to do-both in the short and long term of your career. Do you want to be a graphic designer or perhaps work in the advertising industry? Even if you are not quite clear of what position you would like to feel, try to get a clear idea of what industry you might want to work in-so that you know how to work towards this industry. With these skills and qualifications in mind, consider the skills and qualifications that jobs in your field are looking for. Start by looking at what skills you have to offer, and trying to see how they match against open positions.

Research the Industry
Once you know what you have to offer, research how you compare to the industry. If, for example, you know that you want to work in the communications industry; research all you can on the different levels of career track in your field, what the different income levels are, and where you fit in as regards your goals for you career. This way, you know what specifically to work for in that industry; and also how you measure up and where you are on your track to the career goal.

Research Resume Writing
Now, it is necessary to see what kinds of resume formats there are so you know how to start structuring your resume, and fitting your experience and skills into the format that an employer would appreciate. Reference resume resources to understand the different formatting, rules, and protocol for writing a professional resume.

Start Writing
Once you know what should go in a professional resume, what your career goals are, and also what qualifications and experience you have to offer the positions and industry of your short and long term career goals-start filling in the sections. It will take-of course-a number of revisions; but you have all the information now-to create a resume that is effective and successful.

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