Whether you are applying for a position with a large chain of stores or a small boutique, there are some common cashier interview questions and answers that can help you get the job you want. Most of the questions you will be asked will have to do with your people skills, your attention to detail and your ability to effectively handle money.

Have Would You Handle an Irate Customer?

In any business, there are always irate customers. Your interviewer will likely provide you with a scenario and then ask you how you would handle it. For instance, what if a customer was upset because he felt he had been short-changed $20? How would you handle it? You could reply with “I would review the security tapes to find out whether or not I had provided the correct change. I have found that counting the change back to the customer before closing the drawer prevents such frustration, however.” In this manner, not only have you proven that you are capable of handling the situation, but you have also shown that you are capable of preventing it in the first place.

Are You Comfortable with Checking IDs for Alcohol and Tobacco Purchases?

If you will be working in a location that sells alcohol or tobacco, it is likely that your potential employer has established guidelines for checking identification in accordance with federal law. You will need to demonstrate that you are capable of following these guidelines, even in difficult situations. “I am absolutely comfortable with checking IDs even if the customer looks older than the legal age. If the customer does not have an ID, I am also comfortable with refusing the sale until identification can be produced.” Since you and your employer can be fined if this law is broken, you should take it seriously—and your answer should show that you do.

What does Excellent Customer Service Mean to You?

As a cashier, your face and demeanor are the things that customers will associate with the company name. As such, you will need to be pleasant and well-kempt at all times. Your answer could sound something like “Excellent customer service involves greeting each customer with a smile, ensuring that they have found everything they needed, and providing them with assistance if they have not. It also means taking ownership of and resolving issues, whether or not I facilitated the issue.” This answer proves that you are dedicated to helping customers without avoiding the problems that may arise.

Is Your Schedule Flexible?

Depending on the type of business with which you are applying, there may only be two or three cashiers to work during normal business hours. Your potential employer may ask you this question in order to determine whether or not you would be able to fill in for another employee in the event of an emergency or illness. You should keep in mind that smaller businesses typically do not have ‘on-call’ schedules, so it is impossible to predict when your services may be needed. However, if you are applying for a position with a large department store that employs dozens of cashiers, your on-call schedules may rotate. Simply advise your interviewer that you are flexible and will do your best to meet the company’s scheduling needs.
Cashiers are responsible for much more than simply handling money and ringing up purchases. They must also be representatives of the companies for which they work, and your interviewer knows exactly which questions to ask in order to get the information he or she needs.