As a dental assistant, you will be expected to perform a wide variety of duties from day to day. The following dental assistant interview questions and answers will help your interviewer learn more about you and the tasks with which you are most comfortable.

Are You Comfortable Working with Children and Adults Alike?

You will likely be required to work alongside a dentist, so your interviewer will ask you this question in order to gauge your comfort level. Although it is okay to express a preference for one over the other, you should be able to provide an answer that portrays your ability to work with either age group. “Although I especially love working with children and keeping them excited about good oral hygiene, I am just as comfortable working with adults” is a fantastic example answer. Although you may not be assigned to work primarily with children, your preferences will likely be noted if you are hired.

Describe your Organizational and Administrative Skills and Experience

Another facet of working as a dental assistant has to do with your administrative and organizational expertise. Aside from working chairside with patients, you may also be required to greet them as they come in the door, answer telephone calls, schedule appointments, restock supplies, and more. You will need to convince the interviewer that your skills are on target with the needs of the job. For example, “I have experience with answering telephones and I have learned and implemented several methods of filing and recordkeeping” would be a great answer, but only if you are prepared to elaborate on that experience.

Is Oral Health and Hygiene Important to You?

This may seem like a silly question, but your interviewer has a very good reason to ask. If you are not passionate about your own oral health and hygiene, it is unlikely that you will be able to convey the importance of oral care to your patients. You may even choose to describe your oral care practices to your interviewer so that they can better understand your methods. You might answer with “Absolutely. I make sure to brush twice a day and after meals, and I see my own dentist at least twice per year.” You may also be asked to explain why oral health is so important for overall physical health, as well.

Do You Work Well under Constant Supervision? Can You Handle Criticism?

Since you will only be allowed to perform direct patient care under the supervision of a dentist, you must be able to work while being watched and readily accept criticism. “I will be able to perform to the best of my ability under any circumstance and I am always thankful for constructive criticism” is a good answer, but you should follow up with a reason why constructive criticism is helpful to you. “I am always willing to learn from my mistakes and learn better, more efficient methods of getting the job done” will suffice.
A dental assistant’s job is one that is multi-faceted, so there will be a variety of interview questions. You should be prepared to also discuss your education, experience and credentials as well as any characteristics that make you well-suited for the job.