An interview for a position as a lifeguard can be a bit stressful, but this stress can be drastically reduced as long as you are prepared. The following lifeguard interview questions and answers can be practiced before your interview to help you feel less anxious and more confident.

What Are Some Qualities for a Successful Swimming or Aquatic Facility?

Your interviewer will want to know about the things that are important to you and the things you will do to help ensure the success of your employer. You should do some research about your employer prior to your interview in order to learn about the company’s mission. Your answer should always reflect upon the importance of patron safety and excellence in customer service. “In order to be successful, I feel that a facility should offer nothing but the best in customer service, all the while focusing on the safety of its customers” is a great idea, but you should be sure to insert some information about the facility’s mission statement, too.

How Would You Handle an Upset Customer?

Regardless of your chosen career path, there will come a time when you will need to handle an upset customer. First and foremost, you should explain that you will take ownership of the issue and resolve it as quickly as possible. Your answer should sound something like “I will take ownership of the customer’s issue and listen to the complaint very carefully. I will be empathetic, apologize and offer possible solutions. If I am unsure of the ways in which the issue should be resolved, I will ask my superior or refer to company policy” is always a great answer.

Why Are You the Best Choice for This Position?

When you are asked this or a similar question, you are being presented with an opportunity to sell yourself. You should be sure to first discuss your education, training, credentials and certification. Then, you should follow this up with some of the personal qualities that you feel will help you become a successful lifeguard. “I studied at XYZ College and I have taken courses that will help me handle aquatic emergencies. I am certified in CPR and AED use, and I feel that my ability to pay close attention and anticipate problems will make me a valuable asset to your company” is a great way to start.

Do You Work Well with Children?

Children are very important to aquatic and swimming facilities, but they are often the most likely to need emergency assistance. You will need to ensure your interviewer that you can work well with children and that you are aware of the unique challenges they present. “I love children and I understand that monitoring children and their parents is very important. I also understand that I need to handle situations involving children with care since they scare easily. I have also studied CPR and AED use as it applies to children” is a good way to answer this question. If you have children of your own or spend time with child relatives, provide an example of a time when you protected the child.

Lifeguards are important for swimming and aquatic facilities because they ensure the safety of the patrons. During your interview, you will need to remain confident in your own abilities and provide informative, insightful answers to the questions you are asked.